Saying ‘Goodbye’ to the Dress – Consigning your Wedding Dress

I remember the moment I knew it was ‘The One’. The moment I gazed upon my reflection in the mirror, I felt like a bride. It’s a happy feeling that overcomes you. It sends butterflies to your tummy, yet a sense of calm to your mind. That’s how I felt the day I said ‘Yes’ to the dress!

I didn’t give it away at first, because it was the first dress I tried on at that store. So we went through a few more, some dramatic, some elegant. But none had that same feeling as the first. “Keep an open mind,” they say. And I did, as long as it flared out and had some dramatic details. One dress was that to the tee! But I felt more like a model, and less like a bride. So that one didn’t make the cut. I asked to try the first dress on again, and that feeling overcame me again. Yes, this was the one!

Renae's original wedding dress

Renae’s original wedding dress

It was the dress I was supposed to wear on April 13, 2013. The dress Kyle would take me as his wife in. The dress I would wear for one of the biggest events of my life (as of now). The dress I would clean and lock away in a cedar chest. The dress that my daughter, granddaughter, or even great grand would choose to wear on her wedding day.

Consigning your Wedding Dress

Now that we’re getting married in 2014, I know for sure that I’m going to want a different dress. Which is why I’ve decided to say “Goodbye to the dress.” ::cries::  I’m going to sell my original wedding dress, through a consignment shop I’ve used before for a ‘back-up’ dress. I love the idea of consigning, because I’m going through an established business with more presence and customer traffic. Also, consigning makes selling a wedding dress painless and effortless! Granted, I don’t get back every penny I originally paid for the dress; but something is better than nothing!

Also, I’ve decided to put the money I make from the consignment towards the purchase of a new dress. Eventually, I’ll have to go through the process of finding, falling in love with, and saying “Yes” to the dress again. However, next time, I’m going to do it differently, like go to consignment stores instead of bridal boutiques.

Buying a consigned bridal gown can save you anywhere from 30-70% off the original retail price. As a result of situations like mine, you can sometimes even find brand spanking new gowns for a deep discount. Definitely keep it in mind when you are searching for the dress, or if you’re stumped on what to do with your wedding dress post-wedding-day.

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Former brides, and soon to-be-brides, have you (or will you) consider consigning your wedding dress?

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