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Coral Colour Inspiration

{image from Bridal Tweet}

I love colour, all colours – blues, oranges, greens, pinks! The hard part is trying to incorporate bright colours into my wedding without looking like a rainbow exploded all over the place.  When I found this colour combination I fell in love with the orange tones and coral colour inspiration. After looking for orange dresses I realized that there are about 10,000 shades of orange ranging from neon to pastel to peach – all of which clash if the tones are even slightly off. So here's my tip of the week: Don't be afraid of colour, but make sure to mix in some neutral tones in your wedding decor. One tip is to carry around a colour swatch in your purse (find one on the internet or at your local paint store), this way you can pull it out and compare your wedding colours and find neutrals that compliment your colours for a more classic look.


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About Katie B

I'm Katie, a 28 year old teacher living in Vancouver, Canada. I am getting married to my best friend and love of my life Brad in the summer of 2014. Our wedding is in Kelowna BC, which is half way between our two families. We are planning a vintage-rustic wedding with as many DIY projects as I can handle. Let the journey to the altar begin!

Connect with Katie B
  • Michelle at Making Sense of Cents

    These are actually the exact colors that we are going for. LOVE it!

  • Krisstin | On the Go Bride

    Gorgeous color combination. Love that bouquet!

  • Oh, I hear ya. My fiance now HATES the colour coral, which we picked, for the same reason as your orange. There are about a billion shades of coral. And one of my coworkers, who planned my shower, said the same thing. The other day, Brandon was helping me pack up wedding stuff, and he looks at me and says, “If I never see the colour coral again after this, I would be a very happy man.” HE had more of an opinion about the bridesmaid dresses than I did! Could not be too pink, or orange, or red, or peach…
    Another suggestion is to have one colour be dominant, and then the other one (or ones) be “touches of”. Our colours are blue, with touches of coral and white. It makes it a whole lot easier.

  • PlumPrettySugar
  • Amy Swift

    Bright colors.

  • Luv2rsq

    Ok ladies… With that being said, where did you find your “coral” wedding decorations? I am having a hard time finding the color coral/ peach in anything!

  • Sarah

    Finally! I’ve spent a little while trying to find a color combination that both my fiancé and I loved. He’s retro, I’m classic/rustic. But oddly enough, we both fell in love with this when I saw it!
    Can someone help me on what you would call these exact colors above? I was trying to explain them to someone without having the picture and had a hard time.
    Teal, Cream, and Taupe? But then is the yellow a goldish yellow? I don’t feel like that’s coral, either – I think of neon when I think of coral. Would you say redish/orange?
    Thank you!

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