Cork and Twine Are Oh So Fine!

One of the things Matt and I have been debating about is having assigned seating or assigned tables for the guests at our wedding. I thought it would be easier for everyone if they just knew where they were sitting, but Matt thought it might take away from the intimate and casual feel of the reception. After talking to a lot of my friends that had been to a lot of weddings, we decided not to assign seats or tables. Instead, we will just be putting β€œReserved” signs on our table and the bridal party tables.

I’m just going to make the Reserved signs myself in Microsoft Word and I made little holders for the sign out of wine corks and burlap twine. Basically I put 6 corks that were about the same height together in a rectangle shape and then tied them together with the twine. I’ll put the Reserved sign in between so that there will be three corks in front and three corks in back. These were super easy and super cool! This would work for table numbers just the same, but we are only doing the reserved signs for the bridal party tables.

cork holder

The end result:

cork holder

Pretty cute, eh?

cork holder

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