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Corkboard + Straight pins DIY Escort Card Display

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Erin Zimmerman

I had a hard time coming up with a good idea for displaying people’s escort cards for the tables at our wedding. I loved the idea of a tree and tags hanging from the branches, but thought that could make it really hard for people to find themselves.

Image via Calluna Events

Since I didn’t think this would really work, but I still liked the idea of the tags (since we are also using them for our guest book), I wanted to come up with another way to use them that might be more organized for the guests to find their names. I came across this image online and put it on my Pinterest and went from there.

I liked how they used pins instead of thumb tacks and though I didn’t use the buttons, it did make the board nice and colorful. We decided on this option and went to Goodwill to find a frame. I had already bought a corkboard from Goodwill for $3, so now I just needed to find a good size frame. We found a framed painting for $8, so we went with that and then purchased spray paint and primer for $3 each and painted the frame a flat black. Then we cut the corkboard to fit and made the tags from white cardstock leftover from our invitations. We printed the names and then the table name and number and hung them with black and white baker’s twine leftover from our guest book. I used straight pins I had from making my veil and they added a nice classy touch with the pearl heads.

escort display

You can see in the picture above how they turned out. On the right side is a display we put together of our family wedding photos along with the String Art H I made and little white pumpkins. We put the photos on clips in the bud vases and then my work friends filled them with flowers. I’m really happy with the way the escort cards came out and the project cost us about $11 total and we can still use the corkboard in our office! Score!


Erin Zimmerman

is a teacher living in Baltimore, MD. She got married 2012 in Ocean City, MD. You can read her wedding planning posts here.