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Trying to cut costs on various items is a part of any wedding planning. You trim where you don’t need such extravagance and use that savings to beef up something you really want. Well, as a lover of stationery and graphic design I had assumed that I would be splurging on Save the Dates and Invitations. Letterpress invitations with brightly colored designs printed on heavy cardstock…Ooooh I swoon thinking about it! Yet, even though I wanted so badly to indulge on some creative paper products for the wedding, it seemed there were other plans in store for me.

Save the Dates

As a blogger, I’m fairly familiar with entering contests sponsored by various businesses to earn some free swag. Do I turn down free stuff? Usually not. I was surprised and excited to hear that I had won 50 Save the Dates from a local graphic designer—the design (of her choosing), printing and envelopes were all gratis. Save the Dates are usually a low cost expense, but free is even better! To jazz up my envelopes, I ordered address labels from Vistaprint (a whopping $3.17 for shipping since they were also free!) and I wanted to have custom postage.

Stationary save the dates

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I didn’t know what customized postage was until I saw a deal on Groupon. Well, a special that frequently seems to pop up is $25 for $50 worth of merchandise from Zazzle has various products that range from t-shirts, postcards and personalized postage. The postage costs more than what your post office would charge, but the stamps are pretty and you can get them in a variety of styles and colors.

Stationary postage

I purchased $66 dollars worth of 44-cent stamps (a total of 60 stamps). I used my $50 Groupon and paid the $16 difference. In total, I spent $36 for 60 44-cent stamps. I spent about 60 cents for each stamp that would have normally cost 44 cents at the Post Office (just, ya know, minus the pretty!).


In total, I spent 80 cents each for my Save the Dates. I really can’t complain, but the saying “you get what you paid for” always applies. My Save the Dates were printed with the wrong photograph and the quality of the printing wasn’t superior. Yet, at 80 cents a pop… I have no room to judge. My guests were notified of the wedding with an announcement that was just fine in the end. In fact, I still received compliments as to how nice they were! I guess it was the inner Bridezilla coming out and wanting perfection.

Freebies for your wedding


Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Ross can be a godsend when you’re looking for knick knacks or quick gifts. At my local stores, I seem to always find various wedding goodies tucked away at bargain prices. From picture frames to cake stands, my reception will certainly have a few touches that were courtesy of these affordable stores.

I never thought that I would stumble upon wedding invitation kits at Marshalls. I never thought I would find them in my colors…and on clearance. For $8. I purchased two sets to give me 80 invitations which brought my total cost to $16. These sets include the cardstock, ribbon, RSVP cards, and the outer and reply envelopes. They are the Brides brand that is typically carried at Michael’s and Google tells me they’re originally $40 each! Yikes!

If I skip the custom postage and use regular stamps, each invitation will only cost 64 cents (1.08 if I need to use two stamps)! Now, that’s a bargain. I’ll have to assemble and print them, which in itself could be a hassle, but I’ll be saving quite a bit from the prices I had been seeing online before.


Are my save the dates or invitations amazing? No. Are they something that will be blogged about for their creativity and amazing design? Again, no. But, is their low cost something that I can take pride in and know that I put that cash somewhere else in the budget? An uplighting upgrade with my DJ perhaps? Yes, and I'm happy with that.

How are you making your invitations? I would love to hear your price per invite and how they came out!

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