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So it was kind of mean of me to hint at the embarrassing story of how I met my fiance and not give you all the details, so here they are!

I don't necessarily believe in fate but I do know that if Matt and I hadn't met due to these circumstances we most likely would not have. I also know that there is no better match for me than him and the fact that we met this way just makes it all the more special…

I moved to San Francisco after a short stint at a private college in Florida; there was no way I could handle that humidity! I had never been to San Francisco, nor did I know anyone in the city, but I didn't really think about those things. I was focused on saving money on my education once I became a resident and graduating from a good school.

I worked as a live in nanny for a little girl in Pacific Heights, and even had my own apartment. Granted, it was the redone servant's quarters, but it worked. Unfortunately, due to the fact that I was underage and spent all my time with an eleven year old I made very few friends. A few months in I started to feel quite lonely and was wondering how I could meet people in this city of strangers. So after furnishing my servant's quarters through good deals on Craigslist I noticed the website had a “platonic” section.  Thinking maybe other lonely newcomers were looking for some friendly company I perused the posts in this section when I stumbled upon one posted by Matt looking for a date for his company Christmas party. Sadly we no longer have his original post, but I do remember that it made me laugh and piqued my interest enough to email him. Matt had just finished his BA in Math at Princeton and was taking a year off before starting grad school. He was working at an internet advertising agency as an analyst, which, aside from the Christmas party, didn't have a lot of perks.

A dramatization of my misery without Matt

After a week of emailing back and forth I was already smitten with him. We liked the same things, disliked the same things, he was sweet and made me laugh; we knew it was time to meet. So he arranged our first date at a local seafood restaurant and we eventually went to his company's Christmas party. We have been together ever since!

Now, this story is pretty embarrassing to me as it requires me to admit that I was looking for friends on Craigslist! Matt thinks it's hilarious though and likes to call me his internet girlfriend. I actually lied to my mother, telling her we met on the bus, as I knew she wouldn't approve of the online dating thing! Don't worry, she knows the truth now. 🙂

Meg's online dating success
Matt and I at his company Christmas party

Fast forward five years later, we had moved to LA so Matt could attend grad school and we were gearing up for a trip to the east coast to visit my family and attend his five year reunion at Princeton. We had discussed marriage a lot over the years and I knew marriage or not we would be together for the rest of our lives, but for some reason it wasn't until right after our four year anniversary I started to get a little antsy and drop hints as to what type of ring I would like 🙂 Little did I know he had already purchased a ring and was planning the proposal!

He informed me that the Saturday before our flight to NY we had a date.  Um…ok, this made me a little suspicious right off the bat as we have dates all the time but they usually are much more off the cuff and not so planned and secret! Then some friends offered us free tickets for a Dodgers baseball game that Saturday and I just assumed we would go since we have been wanting to catch a game in LA but had yet to have the chance. When I told him about the game I figured we would just reschedule our “date,” but he told me that wasn't going to work.  No game, we had a date! Now this really made me suspicious, what date could be more important than free Dodgers tickets!

That Saturday he took me to Griffith Park.  We explored the Observatory, which was redone a few years ago, but it was the first time either of us had been inside.  It was a beautiful sunny day and so we took a walk on one of the trails to a scenic spot overlooking the city. Matt told me he had an early birthday present for me and asked if I would like to open it…uh, yeah! I tore it open and found a book, made by Matt.

FLASHBACK! After our first Christmas together, Matt and I went to see my parents and visit some friends in NY and when I had to head back home for work he stayed a few days later. In that time he made me a picture book in which he searched all over NYC looking for me, it was really cute and was a sweet way to show me he missed me after I had left.

Meg's online dating success
The first page, telling me “One morning, roughly four years after he had lost Megan in New York City, Matt again found himself on the East Coast. This time, however, he was in the sleepy hamlet of Princeton, New Jersey.”

FLASHFORWARD! So this book Matt has presented to me is similar to the picture book he made me four years ago but this one was from a recent trip for a conference at Princeton two months prior. This time he searches the campus for me, asking statues for assistance:

Meg's online dating success

After asking the declaration of independence signatory John Witherspoon if he had seen me, the statue replied “I'm sorry to say that no woman matching that description has caught my eye this morning…But your problem is not an uncommon one. The best advice I can give you comes from my contemporary Thomas Jefferson, who once told me, “if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it”.  Matt corrects Mr. Witherspoon's citation (how dare he plagiarize Beyonce!).

You can see where this is going. By the end of the book Matt has to find a magical box that will win me back. The book ends with a “to be continued,” which left me somewhat confused. Since we would be visiting the campus in the next few days, I thought perhaps my “gift” would come then, but when I turned to Matt he was holding a box and telling me he had found it for me. Inside was my beautiful ring! Even despite my suspicions I was in shock! I think I grabbed the ring and put it on my finger before I gave him a chance to do it! Oops!

We went to my favorite restaurant in LA, Craft, that night to celebrate! It was such a wonderful start to our vacation and I got to wave my rock around at his reunion 🙂

I am so excited to marry this wonderful man, just 3 more months!

Has anyone else had a hard time meeting people after they moved to a new place? Did you attempt the online route or even consider it? Did you have online dating success?

If you met your significant other online did you feel any embarrassment explaining this to people?

Meg's online dating success

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  • Ashley

    After a few years in grad school, where my department is mostly female and mostly coupled, I decided to try Best decision ever – it led me to my fiance. He was my second date. 🙂

  • My husband and I met on! And I tell EVERYBODY! Which sometimes gets me weird looks and sometimes gets me high-fives and sometimes convinces my friends to go on Honestly, online dating was a blast, but I only recommend it for the super-outgoing, not easily embarrassed, type who enjoys having a good laugh at themselves or the weirdo they just went out with!

  • I once dated a guy off craigslist, in the beginning we told everyone we met through a mutual friend named craig, but then it started coming out where we actually met, and it was a funny story.

    I met my fiance off a facebook app, called Are you Interested. which basically is like a hot or not….. and we started chatting and the rest is history. Internet dating is now the best way to meet people!

    What a great story!

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