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When it comes to the love that you share with your fiancé, you know that it's a one-of-a-kind love. You have your own incredibly unique story that you want to convey through every detail of your wedding- starting with your wedding invitations!


Mixbook is a wonderfully unique service to help you represent your wonderfully unique love story in personalized, custom wedding invitations! You start with  amazing professionally designed templates, but you have as much (or as little) control over tweaking every last detail so your final wedding invitation is the perfect reflection of you as a couple. You’ll never feel boxed in by template limitations the way you are with other online retailers.


Here’s a little overview of all you can do…

Customize the color of your text and background to exactly match your wedding colors. We’re not talking approximate colors here, we’re talking exact RGB color codes so the final printed hue is perfectly aligned with every color accent in your wedding. You can also drag and drop text and photos anywhere you want on the card, so you can respond visually to what your images and words are asking you to do – meaning you can align faces so they look right, break words so natural pauses are reflected in spacing, etc. You can customize both the front and back, interior and exterior. You also have the option of starting with a blank card and choosing from a variety of backgrounds, stickers and fonts to create your own completely unique wedding invitation. You can even create your own stickers and backgrounds using your own images or photos!


Get creative to give guests a sneak peek of the theme for your wedding. All the little visual cues will not only serve to get them excited about the big event, it will help them choose what to wear to the ceremony and reception. The aesthetic of your invitation might even inform the kind of gift they choose for you. A rustic-chic wedding invitation will inspire guests differently from a wedding invitation that’s classically elegant. Similarly, a wedding invitation that features a fun graphic layout and a bicycle icon will send a far different message than a formal black-and-white wedding invitation with calligraphic text. And of course, whether you choose a traditional design or go with something more lighthearted, guests will absolutely love seeing a photo or two of the bride- and groom-to-be.


There’s simply no other custom card company that allows YOU to make your wedding invitations as unique as the love you share. So choose a Mixbook wedding invitation template to start with, then fine-tune the little details until it perfectly suits your customized wedding invitations. Let a Mixbook  invitation set the perfect tone for friends and family members to get excited for your big day!

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