Creating a Cohesive Theme

I knew that I wanted my wedding to have a cohesive theme. Maybe I am a crazy person, but I HATE when you get the invitation to a wedding and go only to find that the program is a completely different font and style. Or worse yet, an invitation and reply card that don’t match. Okay, I sound neurotic.

Anyways from the save the dates, to the invitations, to the programs, to the decorations at the wedding, and finally to the thank yous I wanted all of the pieces to flow nicely together. So I set my artsy cousin to work (you met Julie here). I am not craft-illiterate so I had some good insight, but the whole thing was really her masterpiece….and I must say: I’M THRILLED.

Cohesive Theme

(Do you notice the lines? And the knots? And the font? Keep those in mind!)

Our Save the Date magnets went out with our Christmas cards this year (which weren't exactly “cards” they were rack cards…read SAVINGS…and they didn't exactly match…but it did have the same font and color scheme) to save some $$$ on postage…also a Julie design:

Cohesive Theme

Next we went to work on putting together all of the invitations, envelopes and liners, maps, and reply cards. It only took eight (LONG) hours of assembling with my wonderful family (thanks guys!), but because we were able to shop around for prices on the invitations with our own design and then put them together ourselves we were able to save big bucks!

Cohesive Theme

Cohesive Theme

Making Our Own Envelope Liners

Cohesive ThemeCohesive Theme

Cohesive Theme

I didn't take pictures of the inserts myself, but here is the printing proof!

I learned how to make my own wedding map here, it was SO easy!

Cohesive Theme

Next, my wonderful Granny B put the program/fans together. It is missing the bow at the bottom, but you get the idea! I created a crossword online here and then Julie did some design magic on it. I think they turned out pretty cool.

DIY programs Cohesive Theme

We (and by we… I mean Julie) haven’t started working on the thank yous because we’re trying to get all the details taken care of for the wedding because it is right around the corner. I can't believe it!

In the words of Ferris Bueller and some great wedding advice: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Cost Break-down for Invitations (all numbers rounded up):

Printing of 200 invitation, reply card, and map/accommodations: $210

Envelopes, Paper, and Ribbon: $115

Total Cost per Invite (without postage): $1.63

Printing of the fans: $104

Popsicle sticks: $4

Total Cost per Fan (ribbon was purchased with invites): $0.54

Cohesive Theme

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