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Well gals, I have something FABULOUS for you this week as a giveaway!! Up for grabs is a stunning and versatile accessory from Olia Zavozina! Olia Zavozina is a Russian bridal and menswear fashion designer based out of Nashville, Tennessee. Her flagship boutique is in the heart of Music City near Music Row. She is featured in bridal boutiques nationwide and is gaining an international presence. Olia's Royal Elegance collection uses only 100 percent natural fibers and luxurious fabrics. Creating a custom gown is a unique and unforgettable experience for your big day. All of Olia's dresses are made to order, allowing the bride to choose her favorite neckline, train length, color and fabric, making it truly a one-of-a-kind gown.

I've had the pleasure of meeting Olia and her team through various industry events and networks here in Nashville, and this business has major heart and passion. Her work is pure couture quality, but you can still get a completely custom gown with luxurious fabrics for much less than some of the larger design houses out there. Her custom gown design starts at $1,500– and considering the types of fabrics and the amazing attention to detail that Olia puts into these pieces, this really is an amazing value. Olia's work is TRULY stunning — I've been wowed by her designs and the incredible craftsmanship put into every gown. Just check out these designs below, featuring the fabulous prize that one lucky reader will win this week!

custom gown

custom gown

custom gown

More from Olia herself: “Planning my wedding was a disaster, starting with the dress.  Like most of you, my wedding came at a very busy time of my life, I was finishing up my masters while working part-time. With limited time, I wasn’t able to design my own gown and I didn’t enjoy my bridal gown shopping experience.  The boutiques were limited in the options they offered… everything looked the same and it was hard to have a clear mind.  Being a fabric guru, I required a silk gown.  Being in school, I required it to fall in my budget!  My requirements were not being met.  I decided at this time for me to take my frustration from the experience and my knowledge of business and start my own bridal line!

One of my first decisions about my bridal line was to be able to offer many fabric options to brides.  Every woman deserves to have the gown of their dreams and be able to afford it.  Whether you are conscious of it or not, there are fabrics you prefer over others. Obviously there are looks you prefer over others as well and some of those looks can only be properly achieved through using the right fabric. So with the right fabrics, the right look and you feeling comfortable, the gown of your dreams will be the one you don’t ever want to take off!

After deciding to keep my focus on a large selection of fabrics and budget friendly prices, I needed to focus on designs.  So I started offering custom bridal gowns.  It really moves me to tears every time I’m sitting with a bride who has had a particular dress in mind and I am able to sketch out a design and bring it to life for her within her budget. The bridal requests and custom designs are the foundation of the Royal Elegance Collection.  Whether being inspired by a bride or designed specifically for one there is a bit of each of my brides in every dress! “

The prize:

One of Olia Zavozina's Diamond Queen Belts

The Diamond Queen Belt is made from Swarovski crystals with a luscious and interchangeable silk duchess ribbon sash. It is retailed at $475. This versatile piece can be worn as a belt, head piece or necklace.

Talk about gorgeous! This piece could be an heirloom to pass down to generations. If you have a very simple gown, imagine the way this gorgeous belt could totally transform your wedding day look! It's just stunning!


‘Like' Olia Zavozina on Facebook!

‘Like' The Budget Savvy Bride on Facebook!

Visit the Olia Zavozina website and browse her collection of gowns and accessories. Leave a comment here with the name of your favorite style.
(My personal favorite is the Britt, pictured below! I've already told ya how I am loving peplum!)

 custom gown

custom gowncustom gown belt giveaway


who said: “Liked both on facebook. The Victoria with Italian lace is my favorite, it has everything I am looking for!”

Congrats! We'll be in touch to get you your prize! 🙂

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  • Laura Lewis

    I am a fan of both on Facebook!

    Vienna would be such a fun reception dress!

  • Sara U

    I think the Isabelle is absolutely beautiful!!

  • angela

    I am soooo loving the ethereal feel to the Ariella gown! ahh-mazin!

  • Christina

    i love timeless & alexandria!

  • Hannah

    The Josephine is absolutely stunning.

  • April Hui

    Love the Caroline’s mix of colors!

  • Two of my girlfriends have had dresses designed by Olia and I’ve been green with envy. Her dresses are absolutely incredible. My favorites include: The Orchid, the Timeless, Midnight Queen, Lovely Bow, Britt and Caroline. Any of these would make me cry (In a good way!)

  • tiffany

    ooh majesty short!

  • Lauren

    Liked both on facebook. The Victoria with Italian lace is my favorite, it has everything I am looking for!

  • Ashley

    Ariella is my absolute favorite! I love the soft, romantic look of the dress.

  • Jesse

    The Victoria with Italian lace is stunning, I love the small triangular straps. So elegant.

  • Jessica Myers

    I like the Timeless-vintage. It is just absolutely beautiful! Perfect example of classic elegance that will never go out of style!

  • Emma O

    I think Jackie is absolutely stunning.

  • Sara

    I love Lola…so timeless and beautiful!

  • Steph

    “Timeless” is my favorite.. I love the lace and vintage style

  • Lorri Adair

    Liked on facebook – lorrianneadair

  • Lorri Adair

    Liked budget savvy bride too!

  • Lorri Adair

    I love the Russian Queen Lace! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  • Shanda K

    I would wear the Melinda but would love the Vienna for a reception dress! They are both beautiful!

  • Allison

    Liked you both, and looooove the Allie! A perfect match, since that’s my nickname 🙂

  • Alise Rachel Goldstein

    I love the Bella dress, its gorgeous!

    (also liked both on facebook and am obsessed with this belt!)

  • loah12

    Love the Rebecca…that is gorgeous!!

  • Jillian

    i like the Rochelle 🙂 thanks for the site- i just started looking for a short reception dress!

  • Mary

    I love the Valentina!

  • Angela

    I’ve liked it all!!! My favorite dress is the Rebecca! But I love the accessory belt in this contest the best!!!!

  • Leena

    Liked both on Facebook!

    I’m loving the Rosetta! Limited edition!

  • Kelly

    The Timeless, especially with the luxury lace, is a stunner! In general I’m not a lace lover but this dress was still hands down my favorite, it would make any bride feel beautiful.

  • Sarah

    I love Victoria with Italian Lace. I also adore the belt featured in this contest — just what my dress needs!

  • Liz Harvey

    I am IN LOVE with Majesty – Short!!! Such a gorgeous gown!

  • Maggie Chen

    love the Rose dress!!

  • Lilly Ann

    I love the classic silhouettes of the Timeless-Vintage and the Bella.

  • erin

    i love the kristen!

  • Rebekah

    The Melinda is absolutely stunning!!! I <3 it!!

  • Evelyn

    “Melinda” is gorgeous, and I especially love the buttons down the back of the dress. “Josephine” is also quite stunning. I have a thing for the lace gowns 🙂

  • Tanya N

    Liked both on Facebook.

    The Victoria with Luxury Lace is pretty amazing!

  • Shalonda

    I have to say I’m torn! The Rose & Melinda dresses are definitely my favorites!!! If I’d heard of Olia before, I may not have the dress I have today.

    I’m Shalonda G on fb…’til after my wedding in October! 😀

  • After seeing all the peplum on the runway this past weekend, I’m loving the Britt dress, too!

  • Michelle

    Thanks for the intro to the designer. Midnight Queen is def. my style.

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