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Cute, Easy Cupcakes cupcake tower{source}

When our cupcake-making friend fell through, we were five months out with no dessert booked. After briefly considering taking it on myself (I make 30 cupcakes from time to time… how hard can 150 be??) and then being, thankfully, talked out of that by my fiancé, I started doing research.

We ultimately decided cupcakes were still what we wanted. Cakes are beautiful, but expensive, and they bring in extra expenses: cake cutter, cake cutting equipment, plates, forks, and time. Cupcakes are cute, easy, less expensive, and don't involve too much extra planning or equipment. Cupcakes allowed us to have many different flavors and options, which worked well since our tastes are so different.

After researching some local Cupcakeries and doing some price comparisons, I ended up settling on a small restaurant that had its own catering company. Though they'd done desserts for a while, cupcakes were a new thing for them. We went in for a tasting and consultation, and walked out assured with our decision. They were so flexible with us, and so willing to offer tips and suggestions.

We decided on four different cupcake types with fillings and frostings, plus a six inch cake for cutting. They'll provide delivery and setup, and all we have to find is a stand, which I'm already thinking about DIYing (I love this map-covered stand !)

cupcake tower

Cost breakdown?

150 cupcakes at $2 apiece = $300

6 inch cake = $25

Setup and delivery = $85


Total cost: $429.50

Anyone else going to cupcake route?

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  • Erin

    Yes! We are doing cupcakes. I love the idea of all the different flavors and also the cost savings of it. We are having our reception on CA's central coast and found a great deal on cupcakes, $0.90 each!!

  • Danetha`

    We went the cupcake route as well and I loved it! We ordered 120 from a supermarket (Publix) bakery. Their cakes are delicious, so we knew it would turn out okay. We also ordered two round layer cakes and a "kit" they sell so that we could assemble a mini wedding cake for us to cut. So, we put the mini cake on a gifted cake stand in the center of the table and had cupcakes surrounding them. It was about $120 for everything!

  • I ordered 200 Cupcakes, a 8 inch round for the parents and bride and groom. We have our own design, colors and flavors (2) delivered( half hour drive), set up and the stand tax inc for 300$

  • This is a really great idea! Definitely does save money by doing it this way – many people may not think to factor in the price of the cake cutting equipment when searching for a dessert.

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