Cute Themed Wedding Sign Ideas

7 Cute Themed Wedding Sign Ideas

There’s no reason that your special day can’t be as unique as your love. You’ve chosen the perfect dress, got your best friends ready to stand with you, and the menu is comprised of your ideal meal. Of course, you’ll also have your soulmate by your side!

When it comes down to the finer details of your wedding theme, it can be easy to overlook small details. Wedding signage is one of those smaller nuances that can really tie together and embellish your beloved theme! Locations vary, but many couples choose to have signs by each dish of their meal, bar signs, some by the cakes, directional signs for the venue, and some special dedication with an optional mini-history of the couple. Here are some cute themed wedding signage ideas to make your day sparkle, shine, and be as one-of-a-kind as your love.

Reflection Glass Mirroring About Colorful Ball

Make It Magical

If you’re celebrating your magical romance in the muggle world, make sure your sign is bewitching! For Harry Potter themed weddings, create a sign that leaves no doubt that your guests are leaving the boring, non-magical world behind. Why not tap into the HP universe with a giant recreation of the Marauder’s Map depicting the footsteps that led you to your love, culminating at the location of your wedding with the words “Mischief Managed”? Alternately or additionally, decorate your sign with tiny golden snitches. You just need small halved styrofoam balls covered with glitter and wings to affix to the sides of any signage. Have a favorite Hogwarts house? Print out tiny banners to decorate the top of your sign. Perhaps you’re a Gryffindor and he’s a Slytherin; incorporate these color schemes and themes into signage by the cakes or desserts. This would be especially cute if your cakes or desserts incorporated a similar color scheme and theme.

Love Under The Sea

Even if you’re a land-lover, an undersea theme is a great idea for a romantic twist that will not be forgotten! Mimic rolling waves with sheets of green and blue tissue paper and don’t forget the glittery mermaid cutouts. You can even use actual seashells as a fairly inexpensive way to decorate the edges of your signs. Clever ideas for wording are; “He Hooked Me”, or “Love as Deep as the Ocean”. You could also tap into everyone’s favorite timeless romantic movie Titanic with imitations of the heart of the ocean made from costume jewelry. Mardi Gras beads in jade green or deep blue complete the look! There are a multitude of sea-themed color schemes or objects that would create budget-friendly additions to complement your aquatic celebration.

Love Couple In Love Woman Mountain Top Couple Man

Around the World

Nothing says “I’ve searched the world for you” like a travel-themed wedding, especially if traveling is something near and dear to both your hearts. Make your signage sing with faded maps of exotic locations with location pins in heart shapes. Print out passport covers and put them at the corners. A model airplane strung up across the top makes a nice touch too! Create 3D suitcases out of construction paper and decorate images of far-away lands where you’ve traveled to meet or gone with your soulmate. If you have travel pictures together, now is the time to use them as accents.

Love In The Jazz Age

There’s no era that inspires thoughts of romance quite like the Jazz Age. Whether it’s the forbidden love of Jay Gatsby and Daisy or the swinging underground parties of Prohibition, your wedding will get some old-school glamour with this theme. Decorate your signage with sequins and feathered masquerade masks, as well as long threads of faux diamonds and pearls. Download some of your favorite jazz era sheet music and use them as the backdrop of your sign. This theme could easily branch out into almost any genre or era of music, especially if there is music that you and your partner are particularly fond of together.

80s Throwback Wedding

The 80s are currently the most popular decade for nostalgic throwbacks right now with pop culture and movies echoing our favorite parts of the decade. (Looking at you, Stranger Things). Tap into the craze with some totally awesome signage that delivers big on nostalgia. Use bright, neon colors and patterns in your backgrounds. Go big on the animal prints and geometric shapes. Why not string up some throwback cassette tapes and use them to decorate your signs? Did you grow up in the 80s? Have any of those classy school pictures from Picture Day with the classic backgrounds, unnatural poses on benches, and wild hair? Bring your photos together with your spouse’s for the ultimate tribute to your childhoods and the delightfully tacky times you’ve both lived through that have brought you both to your special day.

Pretty Snow Cold Happy White Woman Winter Girl

Beautiful Elf Girl Nature Nymph Forest Hippie

Fantasy Wedding

If you’ve ever dreamt of being a fairytale princess, now is your chance. A fantasy wedding is right up your alley. Make signs otherworldly by using soft elements, like cotton swatches in pastel colors and subtle glitter. Create the covers of your favorite fairytales with stock paper and printouts of cover art and position them around the edges of your sign. For a knight-in-shining-armor, use tinfoil and tiny streamers. For the advanced DIYers, make a castle out of styrofoam, paint it, and position it at the bottom.

Island Paradise

You don’t need to travel to the tropics to create a ceremony in tropical paradise. You can still get that romantic, beachy vibe down to the details. Make sure your signage is on point with tiny tiki torches and a rippling blue ocean made of layered tissue paper. If you’re a master with a paintbrush, paint the background into a glorious sunset of reds, oranges, and yellows. Add touches of glitter for a little sparkle. Use half a styrofoam ball as a 3D setting sun and you have the perfect backdrop for your themed signs.

With so many easy and creative ideas, there’s no reason that your wedding signage should be anytime short of spectacular… and budget-friendly! The ideas are truly endless.

Olivia Warfield is a contributing writer and media relations specialist for H&H Sign Supply. She especially appreciates the finer details in event planning, finding fun ways to tie together themes as inexpensively as possible.

Editor’s note: Due to the pandemic, some of the general wedding planning advice we share may not be applicable or possible due to restrictions on events. Please adhere to all current regulations and stay safe and healthy! Get more pandemic wedding resources here

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