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D.J.s are Electric!

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Josceyln Snyder

Choosing music was one of the most difficult things for Nathan and I. We tossed around the idea of a D.J., live band, and kind of just doing it on our own with an Ipod. The last one quickly became a non-option. We didn’t want to be worrying about music lags with 250 guests and the D.J/Band also tend to act as the M.C for the evening and keep the night moving. We didn’t want our parents or friends to have to take on that role.

Every band we looked at was unreasonably priced, and with a band, you’re never really certain what you’re going to get. So, that one became a non-option also.

A D.J. it was then. Every D.J. up until we found ours was so astronomically priced that a D.J. wasn’t looking feasible either. We emailed/called over a dozen D.J.’s in the Pittsburgh area and while many of them seemed professional and experienced, none of them were in the price range.

Finally we found D.J. Bill. He was $600 for 6 hours and an extra $75 for 7 hours. Nathan and I decided on 7 hours, with the final price being $675! We were thrilled. He agreed to stick to our do not playlist we provided, had experience at our venue, and genuinely seemed interested in our wedding and our likes and dislikes as a couple.

I struggled with putting together a need/ do not playlist so I enlisted the help of my bridesmaids. Here’s what they came up with… I NEED to play Justin Beiber and Nicki Minaj and The Train, and Turning Japanese by The Vapors. My DO NOT playlist from my great friends includes, Don’t Cha by The Pussycat Dolls, Hero by Enrique Iglesias, and Like a Virgin by Madonna.

So, as you can see my friends are SUPER helpful and HILARIOUS.

On top of a D.J. we’re also having a live accordion player to play our bridal dance polka. Here in western PA, the bridal dance is one of the biggest parts of our weddings and I have a very Slovakian side of the family, who loves to polka. Our photographer, when I told her what a big deal the bridal dance was to our family, suggested that I call a friend of her family’s that plays the traditional push box accordion. As a thank you to my parents I called up this individual and he agreed to play our bridal dance for no charge. I can not wait to see my parent’s reaction and the reaction of our guests. I hope they’re as excited as I am!

What are your music options? Do you have anything special planned?


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Josceyln Snyder

is a bride blogger who got married in 2012. You can read her wedding planning posts here.