David’s Bridal Steal the Deal Sweepstakes!

Happy Monday, y’all! Have I got exciting stuff to share with you today!! I recently teamed up with David’s Bridal to help share all about a brand new SUPER FUN sweepstakes that launches today!

David’s Bridal has created a fabulous contest to give away tons of wedding merch to some lucky brides this January! The Steal the Deal sweepstakes gives you the chance to win up to $10k in David’s Bridal merchandise!


Allow me to explain how it all works:

Each week in January, David’s Bridal will choose one lucky bride to get the chance to compete in the Steal the Deal Sweepstakes! Those lucky brides who get chosen will get two minutes to run through their local David’s Bridal store putting on as many items as possible. The brides will win the full retail value of all the items they’ve put on their body (up to $10,000 in value!!!), and they’ll get to use that prize money to go on a David’s Bridal shopping spree to buy everything they need for their wedding day!

Each of the lucky brides will get to have one helper to assist her when she visits a David’s Bridal store to claim her prize and complete her “steal” run. The contestant must select at least four items from the shopping list, which includes at least a wedding dress, and 3 of the following:

  • headpiece/veil
  • jewelry item
  • handbag
  • sash
  • garter, loungewear or DIY item

It’s totally like Supermarket Sweep. Please tell me you remember that show?! I was mildly obsessed with it as a kid (embarrassing, I know.)

With David’s Bridal’s massive selection of wedding items, you could easily take care of a HUGE portion of your wedding budget if you play your cards right with this contest. Basically, this sweepstakes is a Budget Savvy Bride’s dream come true.

Sounds awesome, right?

Did I mention that I got a chance to take a stab at the sweepstakes run myself? Can I tell you, it was challenging!!!

I actually did the run THREE times so that I could share my experiences and give you tips. I hope they’ll help you make the most of this sweepstakes, should you get the opportunity to participate — check back here next week for a video telling you all of my best advice and strategies to make the most of the Steal the Deal Sweepstakes.

Until then, just bask in the hilarity and ridiculousness of my final “steal” look:

David's Bridal - Steal the Deal - Budget Savvy Bride

Pop by next Wednesday to watch how I layered on TWO wedding dresses, TWO veils, TONS of jewelry and accessories, and find out my BEST steal total!


Wanna know how to enter for your chance to Steal the Deal?

All you have to do, is visit www.DavidsBridal.com/steal to sign up!

This sweepstakes runs through January 29, 2015, and David’s Bridal will announce the weekly winner each Saturday! The first winner will be announced this Saturday, January 10th, so head over and enter ASAP!!


*This post is sponsored by David’s Bridal.*

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Many thanks to Brandi Webb of Alexis June Weddings for filming these videos!

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