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Details of Your Ceremony

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You have finally found your venue, now it’s time to start thinking about the decor. This isn’t just about the flowers you want as centerpieces, but what type of style do you want for everything else? Will the escort table have the same centerpiece? What about the cake and gifts table? These are the little things that many brides don’t even realize until closer to the wedding, and if you can’t hire a planner, I am here to give you some advice on decor. The details of your ceremony decor set the stage for the rest of your wedding day and I have a few of these helpful hints coming your way over the next few weeks.

Today, lets talk about the Ceremony backdrop. This will depend on your location, so I will share a few of my favorites for indoor weddings, and then a few more for outdoor weddings. Most of them could also be switched to indoor/outdoor depending on your venue, style and set-up. The best things is most of these can be done yourself, or very inexpensively.


Indoor Ceremony Decor

Indoor backdrop 1
Via Wedding Chicks

Drapery- Drapes can change the overall look of your wedding in several ways. They can be used as a backdrop, to hide tent poles, or even just to add texture in different areas of your event. You can use several for a very drastic backdrop, or just a few for a more subtle romantic look.

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Ribbon- Different shades and lengths of ribbon, lace and tulle can add variety to the area and can work in many different venues. I think a rustic barn would be the perfect area for a romantic backdrop like this one.

via Hative

Decorated Chuppah- The Chuppah is a part of the Jewish traditional wedding, and I love the way they transform a Ceremony. They can be decorated in so many different ways and can really transform your area. I have worked several weddings that have been in a plain, white walled room, and the Chuppah along with aisle flowers has really changed the setting into a fairytale!


Outdoor Ceremony Decor

via Bespoke Bride

Burlap- This rustic material has made a huge impact on weddings this year, so of course I needed to include it. The burlap could be customized with your initials and would be a perfect match to a burlap aisle runner. I love the rustic look this has with such a soft setting on the water.

via Green Wedding Shoes

Books- If you are going for a magical fairytale wedding, you might need this Ceremony piece. It is such a cute and quaint addition without making it seem like too much. If you couldn’t have your wedding in Belle’s library, this is a close second.

via Colin Cowie Weddings

Flower Wall- I am a huge fan of flowers, and the greenery added to this backdrop is a huge hit. I love the way it looks together, and it really has such a natural feel. A backdrop like this could be done in so many ways, and even used again for escort cards (if you have a long enough time between ceremony and reception).

We are having an outdoors tented wedding, and the ceremony will take place on the water. We haven’t fully decided what we will have yet, but we know that we want something romantic and a lot of flowers!

Have you decided to use a ceremony backdrop? Which of these is your favorite?



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