Digital Save The Da(y)tes

Another one of those traditions we knew we’d have to modify for our short engagement, the Save The Date, or STD for all you wedding blog followers (not to be confused with the other STD). The recommended time frame to send out STD cards is nine months before the event date. So I racked my brain on how I could get the word out after already losing two months. I didn’t know much of the event would actually look like yet so I wanted to keep it kind of generic and keep everyone informed.

Then I thought, “I’ve seen super awesome YouTube videos, could I do something like that?” The only problem, I have little video experience and normal cost for something like that can be huge. So how could I do it and still stay on budget?

Then I found WeVideo. It’s an online video editor that uses cloud technology to bring in video from many different sources and users to create a film. It even works with Google to store all your videos (can you say future home movies???) for editing.

online video editor

For my current usage, I signed up for a free account.

Then I needed content.

I love my terrier mix dog, Turk . He’s adorably cute and very handsome. Can you seriously resist that face?

online video editor

I really wanted to incorporate him into our special day. The obvious normal answer would to have him be the ring bearer. Now believe me I thought this over long and hard. Although Turk is a (mostly) perfect gentleman around Max, myself and our closest friends and family, he isn’t always to strangers. He barks and gets quite defensive of the people he loves. Not something you want when you have 100 extra strangers he’s never met hanging around.

So I figured, why not put him in the STD video! What a great way to showcase his star potential!

Using the video capture function on my digital camera and a tripod for stability I filmed my little buddy during one of his nap times. He was quite cooperative.

After filming the segments, I uploaded them all onto WeVideo and used their relatively easy software to do edits and add music. When I had watched the video a ton of times and was 100% sure I was happy with the result, I wanted to export it to my YouTube channel. The cost of the export was just under $3. Money that was also coming out of my invitation and stationery budget. Not too bad for STDs!

I present to you The Hyphenated Name.

Sorry, I did not just tell all of people out in internet land to come to our wedding. Just a fun way to get the word out. I definitely might upgrade my WeVideo account when we have kids and for usage on my blog. So fun and easy to create videos!

Green measures taken:

1. All digital, no paper from trees
2. No delivery, no CO2 emissions

Current Budget Breakdown
Total Budget $10,000
Venue for Ceremony and Reception$1200
Photography – Complete$600
DJ & LED Lighting$500
Invites & Stationary – Website$135
Invites & Stationary – Save The Dates$3
Total Budget Left$7562

Editor’s note: Due to the pandemic, some of the general wedding planning advice we share may not be applicable or possible due to restrictions on events. Please adhere to all current regulations and stay safe and healthy! Get more pandemic wedding resources here

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