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Disney Princess & Star Wars Cake Topper

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This detail was actually one of Brandon’s ideas, and I love it!

There are cake toppers that I like on etsy; some are upwards of $150! For a cake topper? I don’t think so! So Brandon proposed an idea, which I immediately (and excitedly) agreed to – it is creative, inexpensive, and really shows our personalities. Perfect!

Before I explain our topper, I should let you know – we actually will have two: one for our wedding, and one displayed at our at-home Alberta reception. Before she knew we had a plan for our cake topper, Brandon’s mom offered us the use of the topper from her wedding – which in turn, was her mom’s. No way we were turning down that! We love it! But we did not feel right packing it in a suitcase and taking it to the Dominican, so we elected to just use it in Alberta.

Anyway, this was his idea for our topper for the wedding itself: use two little characters, each representing our interests and personalities. And by little characters, he meant toys. Action figures. Namely, a Disney Princess & Star Wars cake topper.

So, while visiting his parents one weekend, he ransacked a box in the basement full of his old toys, and came up with a Han Solo action figure (I am not to call it a doll or toy I am sure). Totally free, and I love the fact that it is actually one that he played with as a child!

I searched for a while before finding a Disney princess that would work for me. I am obsessed with Disney. Name the movie; I have seen it. I know ridiculous amounts of random information about characters and plots and movies and parks; I have been to Disneyland way more times than anyone who does not live in the immediate area should lay claim to. When I am sick, I cuddle up with tea and toast and the classic princess films. So what princess did I choose? Definitely Cinderella; the ultimate princess. (Plus, as Brandon pointed out, her dress is blue – one of our colours! – and her hair is blonde – which mine will be a shade of for the wedding!) I had a little trouble finding an appropriately-sized Cinderella to match up with Han. We wanted them to work together, keeping in mind that I am much shorter (at 5’2″) than my 6’6″ fiance, and it would be great if we could also show that. All the princesses we found were either too tiny or too big.

We finally lucked out one day at Toys R Us. For just over $10 (with tax) we found what we were looking for. It was a little more than I wanted to spend, but we are getting to the point now where it needs to be finished, and everything else was free, so we were okay with it.

For the base, I am using a wooden heart that I found while cleaning out my grandmother’s craft supplies.

So now I bet you are wondering how it turned out, right? Well, here we go… without further fanfare:Star Wars cake topper

So, for just over $10, we got a completely unique and creative cake topper, that shows our interests, and yes, a little of our nerdiness. I could not be happier with it!

What do you think? Are you going to have a cake topper? Would you consider something unconventional?

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