DIY Aisle Decor

Having an outdoor wedding at your parent’s house doesn’t come without it’s complications … in fact, it would have been easier to be married in a venue or a church that would have this stuff all ready for us. But apparently, I like to do things the hard way … and by that, I mean everything about our wedding, every tiny wedding-ish thing, is all something we have to “create”.

Enter: The Aisle.

DIY aisle decor

I started searching through Google images and Pinterest for ideas for DIY aisle decor that I could make to give my aisle the romantic feel of our rustic-chic wedding … without breaking the bank. Ideas ran from buckets lining the aisle filled with baby’s breath or hydrangeas – but the cost of the buckets was expensive to do enough to actually turn a yard into an aisle. Other ideas started to run into the one above, with shepherd hooks. Hanging mason jars was the first pick – after pricing out shepherd hooks (black) and deciding to order 10 and paint them white (white ones are WAY more expensive!), we bought them in bulk through The mason jar idea was front runner … until I saw this photo above. My heart jumped. THIS was the aisle I wanted to walk down!!

So I jumped on Hobby Lobby’s website, took advantage of their FREE SHIPPING on ANY order and I ordered… don’t laugh… 10 different shipments of purple flower balls (below) and used the 40% off coupon every single time. It is RARE you get free shipping on ANY order with them, and so I was lucky … and these originally were $10 a piece … quite the deal! SO, I found the organza through and ordered enough to drape on each side (each side has 5 hooks spaced out) and viola … paint + shepherd hooks + hobby lobby flower balls (fake flowers and IN MY COLOR!) + bulk Organza strips  = WIN!

DIY aisle decor

So, of COURSE, I had to do a trial with it all to see how it looked …. my fiance is such a HUGE help and he is doing all the painting of things needing, well … painting. After they were dry, I took out my materials and had some fun “setting up” …

DIY aisle decor

My trial run – photo credit: Me

Can you FEEL the glee I had when I saw this?!?! It’s obviously NOT perfected, I threw it up there and because there are 3 strips of organza on each side, I had to pin the pieces together and will have to sew them before the wedding to make them ONE piece on each side … and I will be using white ribbon to actually TIE them to each hook to secure them and to make them a bit less … overbearing. The way they’re just laying right now, they are too much over the little flower balls.

DIY aisle decor

So, one more project down! I have had friends ask about a runner … as a bride who had an outdoor wedding the first time around several years ago, I used a runner, it blew all over, it didn’t look right and was rather, um, tacky. It just did not “set” right on the grass and walking down it was weird. SO, no aisle runner for me. The flower girls will be tossing preserved orchid petals … again, another awesome find from (totally LOVE that online store!).

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