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DIY: Asking the Girls

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Its time for the first wedding project of many (maybe too many!).  I wanted a unique way to ask my best friends and family to stand next to me on one of the most important days of my life. I searched and searched for ideas, but nothing really stuck out to me that would still remain cost effective.  I could have called them up and asked, but I wanted to do something special (and crafty).  While at one of my favorite kitchen stores, I was browsing cookie cutters for the fall and football season when I discovered a wedding dress cookie cutter.  The ideas started flowing.
I would really like to know what I look like to an outside person when ideas start brewing in my head.
With the cookie cutter in my hand ($0.99), I had some cookies to make!
Supply List:
-Cookie Cutter of your choice
-Medium sized mailing boxes (found mine at craft store)
-Card stock of your choice (for the cards and if you want to change the box color)
-Plastic treat bags (craft store)
First, I baked and decorated my cookies to the colors of the wedding.  I found the recipe where else but at Martha Stewart.  See Lucky Lemon Cookie Recipe here.  I made a basic royal icing (simple: 1 egg white and 1 1/2 cup powdered sugar) which I colored as close to a navy blue as I could.
 wedding dress cookie cutter

Not as Navy as I wanted, but they got the idea. Source: Personal Photo
While the cookies were doing their thing, I made my question cards and turned white boring boxes to navy blue using my tracing skills and blue card stock.
I formatted my question cards in Word and printed them on a more transparent piece of card stock.
wedding dress cookie cutter
Source: Personal Photo
After the cookies were done and the cards were ready, I packaged the cookies and sent them on their way.  The furthest they had to travel was Milwaukee and Chicago.  Everyone else was local
 wedding dress cookie cutter

Source: Personal Photo
Then I waited.  And waited.
I hated the wait!  I wanted everyone’s answer THATVERYSECOND!
Honestly, I never knew this process would be so hard and stressful.  I really wanted EVERYONE to be up there with me.  In the end I chose my sister #1 (maid of honor), my best friend from college (maid of honor), my best friend from growing up, M’s sister, and my little sister #2.
Yes, I have two maids of honor.  Yes, I know that is not traditional.  This is the first of many things we are doing that is not traditional.

The total cost of this project was $30, or $6 for each box. This included:

Mailing envelope
Shipping costs
Cookie Cutter
Materials for cards and box covering

How did you ask your bridesmaids to stand with you?


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