DIY Bouquet Tutorial

Something I knew I wanted even before the rest of the wedding plans fell into place, was a unique bouquet. I spanned the internet looking for cool ideas and aย DIY bouquet tutorial on how to make your own out of everything from tissue paper, tulle, broaches, buttons, fabric flowers, rhinestones and even newspaper or pages from books.

It didn’t take me long to know I wanted to make it myself … especially when I jumped on Etsy to see how much crafters were selling them for. A bridal bouquet like the one I was envisioning ran $500 and up. A bouquet for a bridesmaid ran anywhere from $150-300. While we have a small wedding, we have a LARGE wedding party – 6 groomsmen, 6 bridesmaids and 1 junior bridesmaid (2 flower girls and 1 ring bearer). That’s a total of 8 bouquets for me and my girls…. and doing real flowers would have been a MUCH cheaper route at that point (DIY with ordering from a local flower shop and putting them together myself with a simple arrangement).

But, that’s not what I wanted nor what I envisioned. If I could make it happen within a reasonable budget, I was going to try.

DIY bouquet tutorial

Lots of cut up fabric/materials to start making the fabric flowers

-Broaches and pins
-Fabric (satin, organza, tulle, lace)
-hot glue gun and hot glue
-needle and thread
-1/2 circle floral arrangers
-plastic floral holders (without handles in this case)
-wooden dowels
-LOTS of pearl-headed pins
-satin ribbon
-pearl strands

I started with the bases. First, I took the wooden dowel and shoved it into the center of each floral ball was cut in half (so I wouldnt’ have to do this later). I covered the 1/2 circle foam floral balls with satin and pinned it all together on the bottom – it didnt’ have to look pretty. I then multi-stepped by taking the satin-covered foam 1/2 ball, put hot glue on the top of the wooden dowel and down the side and put it into the already made hole in the center, followed by pushing the plastic flower holder base and hot glue-ing the edges of the satin piece to the flower base, and then going around the bottom where the wood dowel came out of the bottom with hot glue. Bases done.

DIY bouquet tutorial

The base with a few broaches started.

(Tip: I took a long box tulle had been shipped to me in, then took a couple of thin pieces of cardboard, cut holes in them and taped them to the top of the open long box to be used as a holder for the bases while I worked on making the bouquets – cost: FREE!)

Next I had to make the flowers. DIY tutorials were a plenty online, but I chose to use one from, which was basic and I picked up on rather quick. After burning my fingers and singing my hair a few times, I got the hang of it! I did about 200 flowers or more … I stopped counting.

DIY bouquet tutorial

My “set up” for working on the bouquets – love re-using old boxes!

DIY bouquet tutorial

My bouquet (far left) as I work ….

DIY bouquet tutorial

Each bouquet I added a charm with the BM’s name (this one is for my MOH).

DIY bouquet tutorial

A special charm on my bouquet in memory of my Papa

I pinned the flowers onto the satin to just arrange them first, then proceeded to divvy up the broaches and started sewing and hot gluing and ultimately using pearl-headed pins to attach the flowers (backed up with hot glue). Mine had several more and larger broaches and I even found some pins with rhinestone heads that were really awesome – and the flowers without any “bling”, I made sure to use a series of 3 pearl-headed pins to give it a put-together look.

DIY bouquet tutorial

Yellow version – Junior Bridesmaid Bouquet

So, how much did this endeavor end up costing me?

Broaches I had some given to me and some I bought from friends and family, others were scored off from eBay or Amazon or Etsy. I paid about $200 in total for all of the broaches.

Fabric and all of the other supplies cost roughly $175 thanks to utilizing coupons and Hobby Lobby’s 50% off deals on wedding items for the bases and for some broaches.

I also made a “toss bouquet” with silk flowers on a foam ball attached to a plastic pre-made bouquet holder which I decorated with lace and ribbon. This baby only cost me about $10 at the most to make.

So for under $400, I have my bouquet and my seven bridesmaid bouquets. It took me a few nights of cutting and sewing and burning/melting edges of fabric for the flower effect but once that was all done, I put the bouquets all together in 2 days total. I could not be happier with the choice to go this route, even with our wedding being now less than 2 months away!

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