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DIY Bridesmaid Cards – How I asked my friends to be in our wedding!

So last week I decided I really needed to officially ask my girls who I wanted as bridesmaids for my wedding. I already knew who I wanted to stand by me but I really wanted to do something cute for them. Money's kinda tight for me as we are saving for the wedding but I wanted to at least make them sweet DIY bridesmaid cards- so that's exactly what I did! Here's some photos illustrating how I made the cards. Basically I sketched out some cute dresses on sketchbook paper, then I cut out one dress design on one shade of teal/turquoise cardstock I picked up at the craft store. Then, I used a corner rounder punch to round the edges of a white card that I placed on the light turquoise cards I purchased. I used a silver Gel pen to add some details to the dresses, then I laid them in order on the white layer and secured them using glue sticks, then I wrapped a yellow ribbon around the dresses and taped it down to the white layer. From there I glued down the assembled card and voila! A little replica of the different hues of dresses that I want my gals to wear on the wedding day! πŸ™‚ I was happy with how they turned out. What do you think?

DIY Bridesmaid Cards DIY Bridesmaid Cards DIY Bridesmaid Cards

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  • these are sooo cute, I’ve also been looking for a more special way to formally ask my maids.

  • so so so cute! precious! you should sell this idea.

  • Those are two cute.

  • Kim

    I took an inexpensive frame and put a picture of me and the bridesmaid in it. I wrapped the frame up with a heartfelt card explaining why I wanted them to be a bridesmaid in crafty wrapping paper and ribbon.

  • Those are super cute! Bryan and I were ‘unofficially’ engaged for almost a year before I got my ring, so the day I got it I texted all my girlfriends and asked them to dinner the next night. It was totally meant to be because all of them (7 bridesmaids and our 1 guy friend who would totally be a BM if he was a girl πŸ™‚ ) were able to make it. I didn’t make cards or anything, I just sat them all down and asked them πŸ™‚ However I did take the time to bring flash cards for them to fill out so I could make a bridesmaid list… that’s me, always planning πŸ™‚

  • Guilty Secret

    Aw, you did a really great job. I admire your sketchin’ skillzz!

  • Jessica

    Those are too cute! I was completely boring and just called and asked, hehe.

  • totally impressed with your xacto skills! Love the dresses in the different blue colors. adorable!

  • You are so creative! It’s beautiful. And I bet your BMs will be really thankful if this is the kind of dresses you want them to wear.

  • kay*

    your creativity and craftiness is to be admired – these look great!

  • love!love!love! you are super creative.

  • kathryn

    I just stumbled across your blog this morning… I’m totally addicted!! I agree with Erin, you should so start selling these!

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  • jstisdale

    thanks for sharing!

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