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DIY Burlap Table Runners

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I originally planned to make these burlap table runners for our at home rehearsal or AHR, but I love them so much I think a few are making the trip with us to the Dominican.

I know, I know, I know. Burlap is all over the place. And to some people, it may feel overdone. I do not care. I love it. And not just because it is on-trend, I swear!

Anyway, I went to my local fabric store, picked up a whole bunch of burlap, laid it out on on the rail of my deck (at the time, it was snowing!), febreezed the bejeebers out of it (the smell at first reminded me of the old root cellar in the house I lived in until I was five… which was the house my mother grew up in and my grandfather before her. That smell is the smell of a whole lot of dirt and old potatoes!), and proceeded to make a whole bunch of table runners!

Tip: I am sure that if you are a burlap fan, or even a pinterest fan, you have heard this one before: Find where you want to cut the burlap (a simple fold works well). Start pulling on a strand of the jute, right along where you want to cut. Do this carefully or it will break (though it is not a huge disaster or anything if it does). The strand will come right out, and voila! A perfectly straight line along which to cut your burlap. Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures of this step, but I know that by googling or searching pinterest you will easily be able to find pictures or even a video or twelve.

Once I had my desired number of tablecloths, in the desired size, I hemmed around the edges (burlap WILL unravel!). Then I got to work decorating the ends.

I used a small paint brush (because I already had one) and acrylic white paint (because I already had some). You could also use a paint pen. I used a couple old stencils for tropical images (I think I got them in junior high; maybe high school), but for the “M” monogram (my new last name! Yay!), I just pulled up Word, typed in the letter, found a few fonts I like, and had the laptop sitting open near me. So in other words, I eyeballed it.

So here are a few:

Burlap Table Runners Burlap Table Runners Burlap Table Runners

Burlap Table Runners
Please ignore my ridiculously chipped nail polish!

Burlap Table Runners

In the last picture, you can see the stencils I am talking about.

Every one is a little different. About half of them are “M’s”, each in a different font, and half are images – a couple hearts, a palm tree, and so on. I will need to iron them, of course (burlap wrinkles easily), but I really like them, and they were super inexpensive too. Plus, I think it will help give off that laid-back vibe I am after, and they should be fairly painless to pack along. Hopefully!

What elements of your decor are you DIYing? Do you like the burlap look, or are you “over” it?


is a teacher living in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. She got married in 2013 - read her wedding planning posts here.