DIY Décor Part I: Tissue Paper Pomanders

I love bright colors—as you’ve probably learned by now—so I came up with all kinds of creative ideas of ways to incorporate them into our decorations. I know, however, that I have a tendency to want to overdo color, so I tried to incorporate neutral colors (usually white) in each element to balance everything out.

One of those ways has been by creating a slew of tissue paper pomanders, which actually look pretty similar to their floral counterparts. In my case, they are also a subtle nod to my parents’ wedding (more than 40 years ago!), as my mom carried a floral pomander down the aisle instead of a traditional bouquet.

I’ve noticed all of these paper pomanders popping up everywhere lately—not just in countless wedding blogs, but also larger, looser versions in window displays, for décor during bridal showers, and more. Who knew I’d be ahead of the trend?

Most importantly, they’re easy, cheap to make, and very similar in appearance to the real-life floral versions!

Here’s what you will need:

  • Tissue paper in your choice of color
  • Styrofoam balls; I would recommend 3” or smaller, unless you want really huge pomanders!
  • Pipe cleaners to match tissue paper
  • Scissors or wire cutters to cut pipe cleaners and tissue paper
  • Glue (I would recommend not using hot glue, as it seems like it would be too easy to burn yourself through the thin tissue paper)
  • Ribbon
  • Paper clips

How do you make these wonders? Follow my step-by-step tutorial!

1.      Cut the tissue paper to the size you’d like. Remember that the size you cut the sheets to will be the width of the individual flowers. Wider flowers will also fluff up higher.

2.      Layer cut sheets of tissue paper on top of each other; I recommend about 4-5 sheets per flower.

paper pomanders

3.      Fold the sheets accordion-style.

paper pomanders

Fluff up each layer of your flower individually to get the best volume!

4.      Cut your pipe cleaners down short—just slightly longer than you need to hold the paper together. If you make the pipe cleaners any longer than that, they will bend rather than going into the Styrofoam ball.

paper pomanders

5.      Fold the pipe cleaners in half at the middle of your accordion and twist them together like a twist tie.

6.      Grab each layer of the flower individually and carefully pull upward to fluff the flower. Once you have done all of the layers, you will have a carnation-like flower!

7.      Jam the pipe cleaners into your Styrofoam ball until you cover the ball completely. I would recommend using glue for this step; I didn’t, and I’m concerned about some of them falling out later on.

paper pomanders

8.      Cut a length of ribbon from which to hang the ball. Attach the ribbon to a paperclip, and stick the paperclip into the ball.

9.      Voila! You’re done!  Enjoy!


  • The pomanders I created used 4” Styrofoam balls, which ended up being pretty big and required 10-12 flowers each—that means that in the end, I created more than 140 flowers! I would recommend using something a little smaller, especially since the final product ends up being significantly wider than the original ball anyway.
  • Glue your flowers and paperclips in for additional strength.
  • You can mix and match colors within the same ball as well, although solid-color balls tend to look more like actual flowers.
  • There are other variations of this craft project that yield a similar result, as you can see from this example on the Dollar Tree website:
  • This is a nice project to try if your wedding colors are something that is somewhat unusual or difficult to match, and/or if flowers do not come in the color you want (especially colors along the blue spectrum).
  • You could also choose to have your bridesmaids carry these pomanders as “bouquets.” In that scenario, I would recommend going with a larger size.
  • Easy as it may be, creating all of the individual flowers you will need for this project takes a LOT of time, so budget plenty of time for yourself to do them! The good news is that you definitely can catch up on your favorite shows while you're working on them. 🙂
  • You can also use these to hook on chairs along the aisle or to sit atop a small vase (without the ribbon) for decoration.

This project is easy and fun, and anyone can do it with minimal materials. Happy crafting!

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