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DIY Décor Part II: Vase Centerpieces

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When you don’t have flowers, you get creative.


I wrote in a previous post about my battle with whether or not to have flowers at the wedding. It was a difficult decision (especially given the many people who told me that it wasn’t a wedding without flowers and a perplexed caterer who wondered how to decorate without accent blooms), but I knew I could stick with it once I decided.


I considered all different types of decorations for centerpieces, based on a variety of different themes. Jon and I talked about making the whole thing storybook-themed, with books as the centerpieces. There are all kinds of things you could do based on your interests and your story. I decided, however, that I was most interested in incorporating bright colors, which meant that doing that and having a theme on top of that would probably be pretty complicated.


For centerpieces, my parents found us large (about 14” high) cylindrical vases from Big Lots, of all places. They were $4 apiece, which is phenomenal compared to the $10-$25 each everywhere else we’ve looked for similar sizes. My parents also purchased realistic True Touch calla lilies on sale from Hobby Lobby (True Touch, Real Touch, and other similar flowers have a rubberized feel and are almost indistinguishable from real flowers) in order to get in that lime-green color I wanted. For a more natural element, I purchased river rocks from Dollar Tree for $1 a bag.


Good to know: Dollar Tree has realized that wedding preparation could be a really good gig for them, so they have started offering a larger quantity of wedding and party supplies, as well as idea and project sheets. It is definitely a good place to check out! They offer floral supplies, vases, wedding bubbles, and much more! You can even order items in bulk from their website if you need a large quantity of something. http://www.dollartree.com/custserv/custserv.jsp?pageName=Weddings


We also purchased square mirrors on sale from Menard’s to place under the vases (packages of 6; I don’t remember how much), along with a massive bundle of white votives from Quick Candles, which has the cheapest prices I’ve found anywhere for virtually all of your candle needs.


The vase centerpieces will be something like this, but with calla lilies cut at different heights instead of the flowers pictured here.

vase centerpieces


Between the lime-green callas and the neutral-colored votives and rocks, I think the result will be elegant yet bright! We also will be having teal tablecloths on some of our smaller tables, so I think the contrast between the two will be stunning!

Who needs [real] flowers anyway? 😀


Heather McCoy

is a lifelong learner who works in higher education and overanalyzes everything. She got married in May 2012 - read her wedding planning posts here.