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Our DIY Fan Wedding Programs

Another DIY adventure. Not all DW (destination wedding) brides have programs. Ceremonies tend to be shorter, you have already spent a couple days with everyone, and there does not seem to be much of a purpose really. But early in the planning, I saw and loved petal program fans, and decided to make my own DIY Fan Wedding Programs. Yes, they do include a run-down of the small bridal party, and an order of events (which I guessed at, considering we will not be meeting with the pastor at the resort to discuss the ceremony until we arrive), but it also includes a couple quotations, including an excerpt from the passage my sister will (hopefully!) be reading at the ceremony (1 Corinthians 13), a “thank you”, and an “In Memory” note of my grandfather, who passed away last summer. (I will also be using a picture from my grandparents wedding as a bouquet charm – my final DIY actually!. They were married 66 years before he passed away, and their 67th anniversary would have been 2 days after we say our I Do's. If that is not a successful marriage, I am not sure what is.)


I love mementos like programs, so if nothing else, I thought it would be something that I could keep for myself. It will also give the few of our guests not in our immediate families (and therefore not walking down the aisle at a specific time) something to look at while they wait (hopefully not long!) And if I could get it to serve double duty by helping keep off some of that July Dominican heat, all the better!

I printed these off my home printer, on the same cardstock I used for our message-in-a-bottle invitations. I actually could have used a thicker cardstock, I am thinking. Maybe I will glue a backing to them still. But probably not.

Anyway, I simple designed them in Word, printed them, cut them, whole punched the bottom, and tied a ribbon through the punch to keep the petals together. The pictures show the coral looking more orange than it does in real life, I promise!

Again, using that same blue ribbon from the dollar store!
Again, using that same blue ribbon from the dollar store!


Just 6 petals. You could also put in blank ones to give it some more colour.
Just 6 petals. You could also put in blank ones to give it some more colour.

I love them! Of course, I will also have programs for our Alberta reception, but that is a different story.

What about you? Are you having programs for your wedding? Or do you think they are one more cost, somewhat an unnecessary one?

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About Krysta

Krysta is a 28-year-old teacher living in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. When she is not planning or marking essays and poetry, she loves reading, watching tv and movies, crafting, hanging out with her pets, and of course, her fiancé. She is planning a destination wedding for July 18, 2013 in the beautiful Dominican Republic.

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  • Ashley @ Details Nashville

    I love this idea! I went to a wedding in the middle of July in Tennessee…at 4:00pm – it was super hot and humid! They gave out fans upon entry . That was the best decision they made. Fans help significantly for outdoor weddings in the summer. Thanks for the idea!

  • Future Mrs G

    This looks great, how did you get the correct shape?

    • Lethea J

      Great Idea, but where did you get the shape and the program in word for the spacing?

  • Alicebridal

    Thanks for kindly sharing.

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  • kkshoes

    This is a good idea.

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