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DIY Glass Etched Gifts

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Last fall I attended a craft fair where one of the vendors was selling custom etched pint glasses and growlers, just a few weeks later one of my friends announced their engagement and I knew that a diy glass etched gift would be perfect for her and her new fiancé! I’ve also seen these gifted as groomsman gifts for crowds who love beer – like most people in Colorado.

For those who don’t know, growlers are the big bottles you can have refilled at breweries and are perfect for people who enjoy craft beer or live in a beer town like this couple.

Supplies for Glass Etching


Glass Etching Creme
Glass Object [in this example a growler]
Sponges or Paint Brush
Rubber Gloves
Decal or Design for Etching – I ordered this custom one on Etsy but you could use scrap book stickers as well.


Step 1

Make sure the glass you wish to etch on is clean and dry. The etching creme will not work if there are any oils on the surface. If you want to make sure, use rubbing alcohol to wipe down the surface first.


Step 2

Affix the design you wish to etch. if you are using scrapbook letters and not a pre-created design use painters tape to mark off the edges of the background. Every where that the creme is touching will be etched.


Step 3

Put on your rubber gloves and dip the sponge into the etching creme. The creme is very caustic and will irritate your skin so make sure you wear gloves for this step if you don’t want a trip to urgent care. Cover all the areas of the glass you wish to etch with the creme.

Glass Etching Tutorial

Step 4

Allow the creme to sit for about 2 mins. You will see crystals begin to form. Use your sponge to move the creme around to prevent there from being any air bubbles in the design.


Step 5

After the creme has been sitting for about 5-7 mins wash it off with warm water. Make sure that you are not using a porcelain sink or you will damage your sink with the chemicals.


Step 6

Remove your decal from the glass and dry.


*One thing to know when making a Growler is that breweries will not fill them if you do not include the Surgeons Generals Warning that is required on all alcohol sales. To solve this I printed the warning on a mailing label and stuck it on the backside of the glass. 

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