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After searching high and low for the right type of scrapbook for our diy guestbook, I finally found what I was looking for at Deserre's art store.

I was wandering around for hours looking at everything trying to decide on a theme for the guest book. I wanted to keep it very simple yet classy so I picked a neutral colour palette of ivory and gold.

I decided to use our engagement photos as a way to tie into our wedding. When choosing photos for your guest book, be sure to group like photos together to create a story throughout the book.

Decide on a layout for your photos that is appealing for your guests to look through, but don't forget to leave enough space for them to leave you messages as well.

I decided to add my own paper to the inside front and back covers as a formal way to start and finish off the book.

Measure out the exact size of the book cover and cut and paste thoroughly

We did three different looks and styles of photos, so I grouped each one together and gave each page it's own style. I wanted to keep it simple so that the pictures stood out and allowed the guests as much room to write. I used scrapbooking paper, gold photo corners, and ribbon to add those extra touches. You can create your own theme and use whatever supplies you want to make it fit your personality and style.
Here's some of the finished pages.



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