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DIY Invitations - Set the Tone and Don't Break the Bank

Invitations are a really important part of the wedding – invitations set the tone for the wedding while they inform your guests about all the important details. Invitations are one of those wedding details that can have a huge range of cost depending on what you are looking for. However, with just a little bit of computer savvy (or an evening with a friend who knows their way around a computer) you can get a very expensive looking invitation on a shoestring budget.

So how you ask, does someone with no design experience create an invitation? There are so many easy-to use programs designed for just this reason. The one I used was www.mixbook.com and is my favorite site. You create a free account and have access to beautiful invitation templates to help you get started. Most use a simple drag and drop method, you can master it in less than 10 minutes. Most of the sites have modern clip art and I found many options that reflected my vintage themed wedding. And if you are not the creative type? It's so easy to search the internet and find something to inspire you. Creating the invitation is free, you only pay when you are ready to order. I also found an online coupon code for 30% off my order.

These are my wedding invitations. I designed them, printed them and had them shipped to my door (with envelopes) for just under $50. To save money and paper we hand delivered local invitations and nixed the return envelopes for an online RSVP through our wedding website. It was easy, inexpensive and I think they look great.

With the plethora of design inspiration available on the internet today there is no need to hire a graphic artist or professional designer to do your invitations. You can get the same look for way less with this DIY project.

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