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DIY Invitations Using Cardstock

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DIY invitations have been one of the biggest projects I’ve tackled, and I’ll be happy once every single one is sent out. Each step was more time consuming than I ever thought, and since I’m somewhat of a perfectionist, having people help kind of made me nervous. Of course it’s very much appreciated and I couldn’t have done it without the help of my family! Thanks Mom! Total invite’s made: 110. Now I’m off to the US Post Office to mail them out across the world.

We ordered all the black cardstock from a craft supplier, and cut each piece to size. Each invite then had to be scored down the centre and assembled.

DIY invitationsDIY invitationsWe bought ivory pearlized paper and hand embossed each piece.

 DIY invitationsDIY invitationsDIY invitations

DIY invitations

DIY invitationsDIY invitations We had personalized faux wax seals made for the envelopes.DIY invitationsDIY invitationsAll DIY invitations were imaged by me.

DIY invitations

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