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DIY Invites Without RSVP Cards

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Hello gorgeous!

I am a stationery nerd. I love papers, envelopes, pens, and stamps. So of course, when it came time to make our wedding invitations, I wanted to do it myself and bring on the AWESOME. And I wanted to have an invitation and RSVP card and an info card about hotels and travel tied in a neat little package with twine in a handwritten brown paper envelope covered in stamps. SWOON!
However…all those things cost money! And we realized pretty quickly that with a large guest list we’d have to cut back on some of these pretty little things. Since RSVP cards cost money to print and would nearly double the postage required, we decided to nix those. (Sad face!) And since there was a lot of info we needed to provide to out-of-town guests, having a free wedding website with all that info made a lot more sense than cramming it all on a card which would also cost money to print. (You can see my previous post on how I made my super-useful wedding website here.) What Nate and I ended up deciding on for the invitations was a simple 5×7 postcard invite, in a brown paper envelope, with handwritten addresses and lots of postage stamps. We scrapped the twine, the RSVP card, and the info card to save money.

DIY Invites Without RSVP Cards

I made the invitations in Adobe Illustrator and had them printed with GotPrint (whom I highly recommend – the printed invites look fabulous and their prices were very reasonable!). The invites themselves are pretty simple – I just took hi-res images of photo frames and added some text and silhouette graphics on top of them. (If you’re looking for great free fonts, DaFont is an incredible resource for all kinds of fonts, and Fonts for Peas has great handwritten fonts. If you have any other go-to sites for great fonts please share them in the comments!) The fonts and colors on the invites are consistent with our wedding website and the “feel” for the wedding. I’m a sucker for good consistent branding!

DIY Invites Without RSVP Cards

Even though the invites took a bit of time to design and get ready to mail, I’m super thrilled with how they turned out. All of the guest address were handwritten by yours truly with a Sharpie. The return address was stamped with an awesome customizable stamp I found on Amazon (I was inspired by these Save-the-Date cards !). The kraft paper envelopes are from ClearBags. The stamps are just from the good ol’ USPS – and boy, was it an adventure to get those! They didn’t understand why I wanted a whole bunch of smaller denomination stamps and didn’t just want normal 44 cent or 75 cent stamps, so it took some time to articulate what I wanted. But after giving them some time to process this (and after getting some crazy looks from the post office people!) they were able to find me a bunch of random awesome stamps. Heck yes!

For the brides-to-be out there – what are you doing for your invitations? What creative ideas have you come up with to make them “yours”? Have invitations been a delightful splurge, or did you creatively cut costs?

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