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DIY Moss Frames

Our venue is practically a blank canvas so there is lots of room for DIY projects. There are a few blank white walls that definitely need some adornment. My sister had mentioned one day when we were at the venue that is would be great to put rectangle frames there. I knew I probably would not be able to find any in a springier green, so I set out to make a pair of DIY moss frames.

diy moss frames

I started with a large piece of green Styrofoam. Using a retired kitchen knife, I cut it lengthwise into 4, 3” pieces. Then I cut the remaining piece of Styrofoam to create the ends. I then used toothpicks and glue to fit all of the pieces together. I let the rectangles dry overnight. Then I glued green Spanish Moss to cover the Styrofoam forms on all sides. Any greenery would work, and bayleafs would be awfully neat if you have that much patience.  My frames measure 24”X18” but you can customize them to fit your space, I think squares would look really cool too!

diy moss frames

The Styrofoam sheet cost $13 and I used two bags of Spanish Moss that totaled $16. I plan on enlarging a couple of engagement pictures to put in each frame and I'm sure a periwinkle bow will find it's way in the mix as well!  There are more DIY projects coming up from me, so be on the look out.

diy moss frames

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