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One of the slight sacrifices I have to make to keep the budget happy is my wedding decor.  The purse strings are pulled pretty tight because a lot of vendor changes have been made that have busted the bank a little and something had to give.  I want to have a fabulously decorated wedding, so I am on a mission….DIY and shop for deals as much as possible.  Easier said than done in some cases.

My first (of many) DIY projects for the reception was mossy letters.  This project took no time at all and was less than an item on the dollar menu at McDonalds (with tax of course).  In my search for rustic type decor, moss is everywhere.  At some point I was struck by the cutest bride and groom initials covered in moss and wanted to have some of my very own.  While I could have purchased them, DIY mossy letters was the most cost effective answer…you're welcome savings account!

DIY Mossy Letters
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Lets make some letters!! (And remember, this project doesn't have to be just for your wedding.  Mine will be used post wedding as home decor)

Materials needed:

  • Moss ~ I used half a bag of Spanish Moss I found at my local craft store for $5.99 and had a 40% coupon
  • Foamboard ~ I had some leftover from work that was ready for the trash, but you can find foamboard at almost any store for a reasonable price
  • Glue ~ Spray adhesive works the best on this project in particular because spanish moss is so squigily.
  • An Xacto knife ~ Dont even try using scissors
  • Stencil ~ I freehanded it, but if you doubt yourself, create something on Word

I drew out my letters, H & M, at about 16 inches and started cutting with my knife.  I promise you scissors will give you a headache trying to cut this.  Once I completed the cutting, I sprayed my glue on small portions at a time and applied a handful of moss. I highly suggest working in small sections and letting the glue tack up for a few seconds for optimal stickage.

DIY Mossy Letters
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DIY Mossy Letters
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Once all of my moss was attached, I shook off any loose pieces and trimed the sides.

DIY Mossy Letters
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DIY Mossy Letters
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Done.  Easy, right?

Just for fun, here is a quick breakdown of the price:

  • Foamboard ~ Free
  • Half a bag of moss ~ $2.15 with discount
  • Glue ~ Free, already had

Total cost for the price: $2.15 or $1.07 per letter.  Now go compare that to online shops and stores.  Not a bad way to spend 30 minutes!!


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I'm Heather, a 28 year old Tradeshow Account Executive living in Atlanta, GA. Matt and I have been together 8 years and plan to be married May 25, 2013 at our rustic wedding in Atlanta.

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  • Kelsey Scarbrough

    Great idea! I was able to purchase the paper mache letters with a great discount and I was having a hard time figuring out how to glue moss or garland to them. Thanks for sharing!

  • What a perfect DIY. The Moss looks so vibrant.

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  • Bridesmade Blooms

    love the font-style & the color of the moss. looks great!

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