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I learned how to make this simple origami box with a lid when I was in grade school art class. Whenever I'm short on time or money for gift wrap, this is a helpful little trick to have in your arsenal. It could also make a great wedding favor box. You can use any type of paper but cardstock seems to hold up better and be more sturdy. Here are a couple different tutorials I've found online:

Netflix origami. This site is dedicated to doing origami with your netflix sleeve. Hilarious. Their instructions are detailed and easy to follow.

Origami Box{image from here}

eHow: a member posted step by step instructions with photos for easy following as well. And I think their end product looks a little more polished. 🙂

Origami Box{image from here}

Also, I've set up a formspring account and am currently taking questions that I will answer there and eventually on the blog if I feel it would be beneficial. Need advice about wedding stuff? Have a question about me? Go here to ask me anything your little heart desires!

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  • LittleMissSarcasm

    This is going to be perfect to house my favors in. Thanks for the links!! Now onto staffing some free friend / family labor 🙂

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