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DIY Pinwheels

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Since my last few posts ended up being… a little bit more controversial than I expected, I’m going with something safe this week; a tutorial on the diy pinwheels that I’m using as decoration in the church where we’re getting married.

I was having a hard time with the smaller pinwheels, specifically in regards to connecting the 4 points to the center, but I found a quick way to make the larger type. Since these didn’t need to be of the functional variety, I used a hole-punch and an office fastener!

Materials needed

-square sheets of cardstock or paper; you can find the 12×12 size pretty easily at Craft stores, but if you’d like to make an 8×8, you can cut a standard size sheet of paper into a square also.

– office fasteners

– pencil


-hole puncher

– stickers (optional)

Step 1 = fold your cardstock/paper corner to corner so that it makes a large X. If your cardstock is thick, you can also just draw 2 lines, corner to corner.

Step 2 = cut along the lines until you are around 1 – 2 inches from the middle (you can mark these points or just eye-ball it).

Step 3 = Each corner now has 2 sections, for a total of 8 sections. Hole punch every other section, and the center of the cardstock. You should have 5 holes in all.

Step 4 = fold all 4 points into the center and connect with an office fastener.

Step 5 = If you don’t like the office fastener look, cover it with a sticker! I actually think that it makes it look more like an actual pinwheel, so I’m keeping it as is.

Step 6 = Enjoy!

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