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DIY Project: Up-cycled Fabric Covered Letters

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fabric covered letters
A super simple and totally easy décor idea was inspired from Grace at Chemistry Couture. For our wedding, I decided to add color to our outside ceremony by creating large fabric covered LOVE letters. This idea can be customized for any theme, in any fabrics, and in all sizes. Depending on your materials this project could cost $0-$50 or more. I just LOVE how my own fabric covered letters turned out and I personally paid nothing to complete this wedding project.
We used 2” inch thick styrofoam panels we saved from our last move, and my fabric allowance at work paid for the 2 yards (1/2 yd cut of coordinating prints) I needed to cover all 4 letters. The third item I used was Mod Podge or white glue which I had both from previous wedding projects.

DIY Fabric Covered Letters
Fabric letter decor
Step 1: Pick your fabrics! Choosing your fabrics is meant to be fun, not overwhelming. If you are uninspired then browse online for designs or themes. I choose to use Fabricworm.com because I have a free fabric allowance, and not surprisingly, we have the best selection of modern fabrics ever. I based my choice of course on shades of purples. (Hint: Choose prints and not solids. The glue at times may seep through your fabrics and dry unevenly.)

Step 2: Shape the styrofoam.  Chuckles stepped in one morning and shaped these for me while I was at work. He used a leatherman knife to carve each letter. Their final size was roughly 26” tall and he made sure each letter was 4” wide for the best visual.
fabric covered letters
Step 3: Cut your fabrics in a simple rectangle with at least 3” overage for each fabric. (Hint: If you only apply fabric to one side, be sure you apply glue to the reverse side of the letters. Ex. E and L are one-sided whereas V and O do not matter.) Apply a thin, even amount of glue. I applied my glue using left over popsicle sticks from our DIY program fans. Press the letter on to the “ugly” side of fabric. Turn over & Smooth out the surface with your clean fingertips.
backward lettersfabric covered letters
Step 4: Make relief cuts in your letters to aid in wrapping their corners. Fold the fabric up and around the corners like a present, apply more glue and allow time to set. Some grooves and inside corners will need additional 2” strips of fabric added to ensure full coverage. I allowed each letter to dry over night  before trimming any loose fabric and retouching a few raw fabric edges.
fabric covered letters love
Now we have these stunning fabric covered letters which will be multifunctional décor for our ceremony site, we can also use them in our photography session, and they will even be re-used later at our reception. They are lightweight, but able to stand alone. They will be a cinch to hang around our ceremony’s gazebo with nothing but hidden zip ties. Who knows, maybe they will find a home in our new place together after we become husband & wife.


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