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DIY Project: Love Note Plant Favors by Stockroom Vintage

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Love Note Succulent Favors by Stockroom Vintage
elizabeth ulrich

Love Note Succulent Favors by Stockroom Vintage

Hello, brides! It’s Elizabeth, the owner, curator and stylist of Stockroom Vintage, checking in with another DIY project that I am so excited to share with you ladies! Little-known fact: When I’m not hunting for vintage pieces to add to Stockroom’s inventory and styling shoots for couples, I’m working really hard to improve my gardening skills. And I don’t have the most advanced green thumb, which means succulents have become my best friends.

When I wandered into the gardening aisle at Michael’s the other day and saw an array of paint pens designed for terra cotta, I had a total moment. I couldn’t wait to put my fledgling drawing skills to the test. In the end, I kept it pretty clean and modern, featuring a few favorite phrases and simple illustrations. The more I painted, the more uses I dreamed up for these love note plant pots. I originally envisioned them as wedding favors for guests, a sweet gift to love, tend to and treasure (you know, one that wouldn’t end up in a junk drawer). But these would also make for really cute table numbers (paint a number directly on the pot or stick a note into the soil). Oh, and how charming would it be to line tables with these, using the pots in lieu of place cards? These are so customizable–adorn them with anything from guest names to quotes from your favorite songs or snippets from beloved books.

Plant Favors

You’ll need the following to decorate the pots:

  • Small succulents (I found these at Home Depot for less than $3/each.)
  • Terra cotta pots with holes in bottom for drainage (These 3-inch pots were $.53/each at Michael’s.)
  • Painter’s tape
  • DecoColor Acrylic paint markers (These are $3.99 each at Michael’s.)

And to plant the succulents, you’ll need:

  • Potting soil (Look for quick-draining soil meant for succulents and cacti.)
  • Gravel to add to bottom of pots for drainage

Plant Favors

These cuties are actually super simple to make:

  1. If you’re worried about smudges, tape off the section where you’ll be working. I  lived dangerously and went without, which was fine.
  2. Prep your markers for use. I channeled my tween t-shirt painting self…just shake markers well and depress the point on scratch paper until the paint reaches the marker tip. Important note: Make sure your markers are acrylic and made to withstand the weather and elements (in case your guests place them outside). These DecoColor markers, which you can find in the same aisle as the plant pots in most craft stores, are made specifically for painting terra cotta and are permanent.
  3. Get to painting. The paint dries fast, so if you’re nervous about mess-ups, lightly sketch your design in pencil first. I found that the markers cover the pencil lines just fine.
  4. Time for planting. You’ll start by lining the bottom of each pot with gravel, which helps to speed up drainage. Then add in enough potting soil to cover the gravel. Gently remove your plant from the plastic container, using your fingers to carefully loosen the dirt around the roots. Place the plant into your new pot, packing more soil tightly around it. Give it a good watering and lightly pack soil down again.
  5. Of course, your plants will need some tending before your big day. Check out the Poppytalk guide on how to care for succulents for some great tips on how to keep these lovelies looking fresh.

Hope you enjoyed my foray into creative green thumb experimentation! Tell me: How would you use these love note plant favors at your ceremony? And what favorite phrases would you feature?

elizabeth ulrich

is the owner, curator and stylist of Stockroom Vintage, as event rental company that provides vintage props and goodies to brides, photographers, stylists and the like. When I'm not scouring estate sales and flea markets and styling my favorite finds, I'm hanging with my guys: my supportive (and handsome!) husband Will and adopted dogs, Nigel, Mumford, and Topher.