DIY Thank You cards for bridesmaids by Lesley Stevens

This fantastic DIY Thank You Cards tutorial has been brought to you by Lesley Stevens of Decorque Cards. Lesley makes a beautiful range of handmade cards for all occasions.

So many people contribute to making your Wedding Day a perfect experience, and for the bride it is certainly the love and support of the bridesmaids that guide her through. Since it’s customary to give your bridesmaids gifts as tokens of your appreciation, you might be wondering how to make your gift a little more personal and heartfelt.

I think that making your own thank you cards would show your love and appreciation on a very personal level.  Below, I am going to show you how easy that can be, with a little forward thinking before the big day.  Usually, one lucky bridesmaid catches the floral bouquet, but with this card they get one each to keep! 😉

I usually combine my computer-created designs with hand-painted designs, but for this card you need no computer skills – simply just your imagination and creativity!

Tools you’ll need:


handmade thank you card for bridesmaids

When shopping for your cards there a few things that you can buy in advance.  In most wedding or floral departments of your favorite craft store you will find the small individual flowers bought in sprays – you can choose the color that reflects your own and the bridesmaids’ bouquets of the day.  The blank cards are available at most craft stores (we chose ones with a decorative filigree for extra detail) as are small bows, pearls and glass gems.  If you cannot find the small doilies then you can use pastel tones of tissue paper that match your color palette or even wedding wrapping paper to hold the bouquet.  You can easily personalize the elements of this card to be your own!

handmade thank you card for bridesmaids

The card I have chosen is a white rectangular shape with a die cut border of butterflies, but you could choose cards of any color!  Here, the doily reflects that lacy look.  You need to cut a piece to practice getting that cone shape to hold the flowers.  Stretch two pieces of gold ribbon and slice strips length-ways,leaving a solid end piece.  You can get three or four strips which you then curl with the blade of the scissors.

Cut a small little tag with pinking shears from an old greeting card or cardstock with a slight tone to match the flowers, and then write ‘ Thank You’ with your gold pen on the tag.

handmade thank you card for bridesmaids

To form the bouquet, bring three flowers together in a flat fan shape and tape to hold, then add one set of gold curls behind the flowers and with a piece of double-sided tape add the second to the front of the stem.  Place them in the cut doily shape and form your cone, tape at the back to hold firm.  Then cut a piece of double- sided tape on the reverse ready to stick to the card.

handmade thank you card for bridesmaids

Before taking the cover layer off the double-sided tape, practice where you are positioning the bouquet and make a faint mark so you get it right.  Once the bouquet is in position you can arrange the protruding stems and add the cream bow and tag by using the sticky foam pads, using smaller ones for the tag.  Stick the tag first and position the bow where the paper finishes and the stems start, so it overlaps the tag slightly.

This shop-bought blank card is very stark white, compared to the subtle ivory white of the doily.  I am aiming for a softer romantic look, so after sticking on some pearls, pink and pale green glass gems I had the idea to bring these together.  Many times, when designing for fashion I have stained white backgrounds with cold tea to achieve that vintage style design.  Here too, I am using a small amount of cold tea to paint upwards from the base of the butterflies, keeping it weak in tone and fading it half way so it has an appearance of ombré, blending back into the white.  But, of course if you have chosen a colored paper instead of a doily, then use a pastel paint wash to do the same, or if your colors are strong, keep it white and use strong colored bright glass gems to bring it together.

handmade thank you card for bridesmaids

To finish off the design, I just added some freely drawn swirls of gold dots with a few highlights on the butterfly border below.  When photographed you can see the ombré touch  — and taken from an angle the 3D effect of the soft peach vintage roses in their wrapping with a bow and the butterfly lace-like border looks great.

handmade thank you card for bridesmaids

I am sure you will really enjoy making your own card — this is just my idea — feel free to personalize and make it your own, reflecting the colors and flowers of your own Wedding Day!

Your bridesmaids will be delighted to receive this card knowing how much thought and time you have put into creating a card just for them, a perfect way to say thank you and remembering that wonderful day!

Editor’s note: Due to the pandemic, some of the general wedding planning advice we share may not be applicable or possible due to restrictions on events. Please adhere to all current regulations and stay safe and healthy! Get more pandemic wedding resources here

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