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DIY Cascading Bouquet Tutorial

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Our friends and sponsors from Blooms by the Box are back with another amazing tutorial for you all today! Hope you enjoy learning how to make a DIY Cascading Bouquet to carry on your big day!

cascading bouquet made with roses, orchids, hypericum berries and greenery

Make your own cascading wedding bouquet

There is a common misconception that you cannot have elegance on a budget, but allow us to prove that line of thinking wrong. You really can have your cake and eat it too by purchasing wholesale flowers and making your own wedding bouquets, centerpieces, corsages, and boutonnières.

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Below is a step-by-step video to help you put together your very own cascading bouquet. This does not require too many flowers and can certainly be made on a budget! Cascading bouquets make a statement, and are a great choice for a bride who wants to have a stunning wedding bouquet.

For this bouquet tutorial, we used a combination of roses, orchids, hypericum berries, and greenery!

✂️ Supplies You’ll Need:

? Flowers Used in this Tutorial:

Keep in mind all these flowers can also be used to make other arrangements, bridesmaids’ bouquets, corsages, boutonnières and more.

Total Cost to make 8-10 Bouquets: $256.80

When I added all of these flowers up in quantities that would make you 8-10 arrangements, I came out with a total of $256.80! That’s right, a florist may have quoted you in the thousands when you can actually spend less than $300.00 and make elegant wedding arrangements.

Making your own wedding flower arrangements helps you in other areas of expenses. Use that money you saved to invite a couple of extra people to the wedding or purchase flight tickets for your honeymoon! Really it is all up to you. If you feel overwhelmed with doing all your arrangements hire a florist to do just the centerpieces and you can still save a pretty buck by making your own bouquets and boutonnières!

DIY Cascading Wedding Bouquet Tutorial

This video shows you how to make the cascading part of the bouquet. We also have videos that show you How to Make a Wedding Bouquet. This way you can learn how to make your wedding arrangements in less than 30 minutes! We understand that in the wedding planning process your time is precious! Videos are a great resource for DIY budget brides. Especially when it comes to make a cascading bouquet!

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The great thing about cascading bouquets, is that they look perfectly undone. You can’t mess them up, because they are generally loose. The example in this video is very classic and elegant, but you can easily customize the design to suit your wedding style.

If you’re having a rustic bohemian wedding, consider using king proteas or peonies combined with sweet pea and chic cascading greenery. Seek out more cascading wedding bouquets for inspiration on Pinterest!

Learn more about DIYing Your Wedding Flowers

If you have any questions about DIYing your own wedding flowers please visit Blooms by the Box. There, you’ll find their Free Guide to DIY Wedding Flowers that will help you with flower care, choosing colors, textures, and much more!

Learning how to do your own wedding flowers can be fun, and save you money!

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Would you consider creating this DIY cascading wedding bouquet flower arrangement?


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