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Hello hello! I have been so busy over the holidays trying to take advantage of the time off by getting as much wedding stuff done as possible. My wedding is in 3 short months, you know! I’ve been creating invites, taking engagements photos, dealing with a venue change (yeah, that’s a biggie), making and buying gifts and much more! All of this I will share with you, but today I wanted to talk about my table cloths.

As you all know, my wedding theme is vintage and whimsical. I wanted to find a way to reflect this with my tables in a CHEAP way. When you go to a wedding reception, the first thing that is noticeable is the tables. There are so many of them and they usually match, so they make a statement. I looked into just renting table cloths, but they were all around $8 each and so cheap and flimsy looking. That is NOT OK! I’m too much of a tight wad to spend that much money for something ugly.

Luckily for me, my grandmother is a fabulous seamstress. She has an entire basement full of fabric. I thought I would get crafty and see if she had anything I could use. Well as fate would have it, the day I go to visit, she just got back from Habitat For Humanity and had picked up 2 rolls of silk-like fabric in two of my wedding colors (pink and orange). She had no idea what my wedding colors were and didn’t know what she would use the fabric for, but she couldn’t pass it up because it was less than $15. Thank you dear baby Jesus! This could not have worked out better. We cut the fabric into big squares and she sewed on some rope to the edges just to make it look a little more finished. We laid it out on a big table to get an idea and….I didn’t like it! It was way too shiny and bright. So my solution for that was to take a giant pile of old lace she had and cut it into squares to match and lay it on top of the shininess. These were definitely what I had in mind! The color pops just enough and the lace gives it that vintage feel.

vintage lace Table Cloths


vintage lace Table Cloths

I could have cut these into circles to match the circular tables, but I really don't think its necessary. I'm just going to stagger the corners of the shiny cloth and the lace.

We ended up not having enough lace and not all of it was the same color. I called all the ladies in my family and had them find all their old lace table cloths and curtains. Once I got about 16 of the 20 table clothes I needed, I tea stained them so that they would all be the same vintage color. I will detail how to tea stain in another post – it was super easy! So I still needed about 4 or so table cloths, but really did not want to buy more lace, so I took one table cloth and cut it into 4ths and made table runners for 4 of the tables. I figure that these will be the reserved tables for the bridal party. They match all the others, but they will stand out just a little. SCORE! What do you think?

Table Cloths


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Maggie is a bride-to-be out of Charleston, SC. Her vintage outdoor wedding is taking place in April, 2012 for under $10,000. She loves reading, happy hour, and relaxing with her fiancé Matt and their two dogs, Harper and Andy.

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  • Kate

    I too have been collecting lace tablecloths! They’re everywhere and a great way to both reuse and reduce the budget. I’m very interested in the tea-staining as our venue is already pretty white and I’m now wondering if the white lace will be too much…


  • Ana

    I love it,I think it fits perfectly with your vintage theme!!

  • Meredith

    Hi Maggie!

    I’m a Charleston bride who has been following your blog. Just wondering what is your new venue? Love the tablecloths, too! 🙂

  • Lily’s Health Pad

    Venue change? Did I miss this? I thought you were getting married at the Old Wideawake Plantation? (I’m curious because I almost had my reception there. Such a beautiful place!)

  • Maggie

    The venue change has been so stressful! I have a long post about it that im working on now and hope to share soon. So don’t worry, you guys will get all the juicy details. Meredith – The new venue is Bulow Plantation –

    Thanks for following!

  • allison


    I am looking into doing my own tablecloths as well because it is so expensive! I was just wondering what size tables you had and how you managed to make it look so nice 🙂

    I have been searching and searching for extra wide fabric because our talbes are 60″ 🙁 so i dont know what to do!

    Any advice would help! Thank yoU!

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