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sponsored post DIY Wedding Corsage and Boutonniere

How to make DIY Wedding Corsage and Boutonnière
By Diana from

Getting a corsage made by a florist will cost about $15 per person. If you DIY your own wedding flowers and purchase roses for about $1.00 per stem and use one filler and green your corsages come out to less than $3.00 per person. If you are already arranging your own flowers you can even use the couple left over flowers to make corsages and boutonnières for your wedding guests. It saves a whole lot of money and also is a great way to improvise and create original pieces for the members of your wedding. Making specialized pieces is a sincere move that the special people in your lives will truly appreciate.

What you will need:

1. Floral Scissors
2. Green Floral Tape
3. Elastic Corsage Wristlets
4. Corsage Pins
5. Roses and filler flowers of your choice

How to “Do-It-Yourself”

1. Select a color scheme and a focal flower (Blooms By The Box gives free consultations to help you put together an order)
2. Pick out a green and filler to accompany the focal flower and your wedding color scheme
3. Use floral tape to attach the focal flower to the greenery, pull the tape to make it stick to itself and wrap around the stems tightly, keep in mind you want the front of the greenery to show when placed on a guest’s wrist.
4. Add the filler around the sides and in front of the focal flower by using the floral tape to add onto the base you have made so far.
5. Place the flowers against in the center of the metal attached to the elastic wristlet; bend the tabs in to secure the flowers.
6. Go over the metal with floral tape to disguise the metal.
7. To make the finished professional look, go over the entirety of the stems with the floral tape.
8. Use the scissors to make clean cut at the end of the stems.
9. Use the corsage pins to pin your finished boutonniere to the suite jacket of your special guests.
Watch this video for STEP-BY-STEP Help!

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