DIY Wine Cork Monogram

I am happy to announce…I finished my wine cork monograms! I’ll be using my last inital (W) and Josh’s (A) since I plan on hyphenating. Here’s the final product:

Wine Cork Monogram

I have some tips for you if you are interested in doing this project. Remember all you need is a hot gluegun. First, decide how wide you want your monogram. I started out by gluing 12 sets of three together, then gluing one set of three corks to another set of three corks.

photo 1

I found that if you stack them vertically it makes it easier. photo 2

To make the ends more prominent, I glued two sets of five together. The trickiest part is actually where the letter points. I did those parts separately until I was satisfied enough to glue it to the rest.

Wine Cork MonogramYou may find that you’ll have to reglue at times. It helps if you pinch the corks together firmly with your fingers to make it stick faster. Also, the letters will likely not be perfectly straight, so I tried to go with the natural progression and flip the stacks around to see how it fit together easiest.

If you find yourself at a stand-still with this project, just comment…I’ll help! Happy DIY’ing BSBs!

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