DIYing Your Wedding Flowers

DIY Flower Prep

One of the most daunting decisions in my wedding planning turned out to be flowers. To DIY or not to DIY?—that was the question.

There are tons of folks out there who lobby on either side of the fence for various reasons. Typically, florists say doing DIY wedding flowers is too big of a gamble for any bride to take on. On the other hand, there are lots of brides who have done it and encourage others not to be intimidated.

DIYing Your Wedding Flowers : Yes or No?

For me the answer turned out to be a little bit of both. I’ve recently had to face the reality that while I am able to do many things, I cannot do everything while working a full-time+ job and planning a wedding long distance. I will be doing a lot of things myself, but I decided not to commit myself to major projects I don’t have prior experience with. And floral arranging is one area I have absolutely ZERO experience with. I love fresh flowers—who doesn’t?! However, creating good fresh floral arrangements takes practice and I simply don’t have the time.

I thank God for my bridesmaids, whom I affectionately call the B-Hive. They threatened to overthrow DIY Queen B if I tried to tackle complicated projects the day before the wedding. I heard them…and yes, I waved the white flag, but only partially.

My DIY Plans

In the beginning, my plan was to DIY all of the flower arrangements. I was inspired by stories from real brides who had great success with DIY wedding flowers, and with the high costs associated with professional arrangements, I never thought I could afford to hire a florist. That was until I noticed a Living Social wedding deal advertisement for a floral package valued at $1250 for $599 via a local Atlanta florist. The discovery made my heart race. How could this be true? Was the florist really any good?

I did a front and back search on Atlanta Wedding Florals  and it was the real thing. I first checked all of the bridal boards, then Facebook, and any other place I could think of to see if it was legit. AND?—there wasn’t one bad review. It was also comforting to know that Living Social would back the wedding deals, but to be really sure I spoke with the owner, Nanci. She was very nice and without so much as a penny, she spoke to me at length about her business and what she could do for me. I’m a sucker for an awesome deal and great service, so I jumped on the opportunity.

What I Decided

Even though $1250 is more than I budgeted for as far as flowers go, because the arrangements will be professionally done, it will carry a lot less volume once labor costs are factored in. This simply means that my entire floral needs won’t be met by the deal, leaving me with two options—order more arrangements from our local florist or DIY. I chose DIY wedding flowers because I’d invested so much in my DIY flower prep early on that I’d have lost money here. As it stands, the florist will do all of the personal and ceremony flowers; leaving me and the B-Hive to DIY the reception flowers (including centerpieces and features like the cake and sweetheart tables).

I feel good about my decision and am confident that I’ll be thrilled with the results!

What do you think about DIYing your Wedding Flowers?

Would you be willing to give it a go or would you rather leave it to the professionals?

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