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Dollar Tree Centerpieces

Today I'll be sharing with you a truly budget-savvy idea for your reception centerpieces. Most of the credit on this one goes to my MOH, who is my lovely sister. She had similar arrangements at her wedding. I love how beautiful and simple it is, and it's easy to coordinate with your wedding colors!

Here's the lowdown on my Dollar Tree centerpieces:

-Vase and marbles from Dollar Tree: $2

-Candles found on eBay for about $1 a piece

The quality of vases at Dollar Tree is pretty good, and at just $1, you can afford to buy and reuse. Most of my vases were left over from my sister's wedding, and I plan to reuse them as decor in our house. I searched at different Dollar Tree stores to find the right color of green marbles and finally scored them in my hometown. The candles were trickier since I wanted purple ones, and after many (horrific) trips to Hobby Lobby and some measuring, I found them on eBay (a.k.a. my best friend).

I'd love to hear about your budget-savvy centerpieces. Did you do better than $3 apiece? Let me hear from you!

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