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Don't Pay an Arm and Leg for Wedding Invitations

One of the many fun hurdles we cross when it comes to wedding planning are the invitations.  After all, these are the first things people encounter regarding your wedding. They set the tone of the overall event. So, they’re pretty much a big deal.

There are tens of thousands of invitations to choose from, and that doesn’t make these decisions any easier. Even when you have a specific style/design in mind, you still have to sift through so many, that it can be kind of overwhelming. Then, there are costs, which can be hard to swallow. Wedding invitations can range from .99-cents to over $7. Not to mention if you’d like them custom made and printed a specific way. Qu’elle nightmare!

Wedding invitations
Eternity Wedding Invitations

I almost paid $600 for wedding invitations and rsvp postcards. But I took a step back and re-evaluated my options. I realized that there were other ways to have wedding invitations for a fraction of the cost, and I was right!

All it took was a designer and a local printer, and #BAM, perfection.  Though, despite working in advertising, I couldn’t muscle up the courage to ask my artistic colleagues to design my wedding invitation. So, I found one by way of Etsy.com. Did you know you can find an Etsy artist to design your wedding suite for as low as $20?!? Though, mine costs $35  🙂

Then I had a to find a local printer to print them out. Of course, I could have gone to a Staples or Kinkos, but I didn’t. Having previously worked in printing, I reached out to one of my printers, and they gave me a quote to die for! To have 200 wedding invites and RSVP’s printed, would cost about $140. Overall, I paid $175 to have my wedding invitations and RSVP cards designed and printed. Which was less than $600! And, they turned out great!

Unfortunately, now that we’ve postponed our wedding, I’m going to have to do this all over again. But, I know what to do next time!

Have you found ways to save $$$ on your invitations?



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