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Down to the wire!

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The wedding is upon us! Which means my apartment basically looks like a wedding threw up in it.

These are our cake stands, lined up like soldiers.

cake stands wedding decor

We have boxes of frames for table card holders and family picture displays from a recent roadtrip to Ikea (which was originally taken for vases that were not in stock). These are a few of our table cards and place cards, made using the most advanced of technology: Microsoft Word.

wedding decor tables

Then there is our guestbook poster, designed by the amazing graphic designer that I work with, who also has a stationery store on Etsy, so check out geldesign, http://www.etsy.com/shop/geldesign,  to see some of our products!

wedding guest book

We also have quilted jelly jars which will hang on shepherd’s hooks for the ceremony decoration. The jelly jars are a combo of canning supplies I already had and canning supplies I received for my shower. The shepherd’s hooks were a  Jo-Anns clearance item which are going to be re-purposed as yard decor for several family members after the wedding is over. (I feel much better about spending when I can use it for something else later – i figure if it was something I was buying anyway, it’s cost neutral.) And of course, there are ribbons and flowers and various other wedding related things laying around pretty much everywhere…

birdacge veil

And THIS…this is my birdcage veil. Which I tricked out because I thought it was too small… and totally not thinking about it I forgot to take step by step pictures. BUT it was EXTREMELY easy! I started out with a pre-made veil which I got with my wedding dress (if I got the veil, I got that much off my dress, so it saved me some time and supplies and was basically free). However, you could definitely start out with any type of flower clip or make one yourself for the base. Just make sure it has the type of clip that will work well to go in your hair on the back of it.

Now, for the extra “tricked out-ness” I started with a half yard of white tulle which had a good weight to it, and a half yard of blue fine net tulle. You’ll also need some white thread that has some strength to it for the gathering, and a small needle (and a needle threader if you are like me and are completely unable to thread a needle without one – seriously, it was a 20 minute process trying to get the thing threaded that resulted in a broken needle threader and every sewing kit in my house drug out looking for one.)

Figure out how wide you want your added rosette to be. I totally used a business envelope to measure and act as a cutting guide for myself. Cut a strip along the long side of the fabric in your desired width. You want enough fabric that it will go around your foundation piece about two times.

Now, pin together the two pieces of fabric with some straight pins and start long stitching down the long side of the strips. This is just typical old “up-through, down through” stitching. After you have made it about 2-3 inches, pull on the thread to gather the portion you just stitched (believe me, this is easier than just waiting until the end and trying to pull all the way through.) Be careful your thread doesn’t break though!

Continue doing this along the side of the fabric strip, alternating sewing and gathering as you go along. Once you get to the end and have finished gathering, tie off the stitching with a knot at the end.

Now, simply wrap your rosette around the base of your foundation. Use a few stitches to anchor the rosette to the bottom of your foundation, and then sew a few tight stitches where the two edges of the rosette meet to hold it together.

And last.. Today I did something that is almost unbelievable.. I unsubscribed from many of the wedding blogs on my reader (but not this one of course…and a few others I could not bear to part with.). See, I have this idea that if I continue to look at them right now, when we are so close to the wedding, I will get envy and regret over projects not finished or ideas I did not think of. The truth of the matter is, our wedding is going to be beautiful and lovely and so much more – even without the latest and trendiest of paper crafts, floral vessels, or other fun. At this point, there are still details to be accomplished, but, they aren’t important. What’s important is that in just a few days, we will become one family, a Mr & Mrs., and that will happen whether or not I finish making the handcrafted ribbon rosettes on all the mason jars vases.

See you on the Mrs. side BSB readers!!

birdcage veil

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