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I enjoy looking slightly put together just as much as the next girl, but I have never really gotten into accessories. Sure I have a few nice pairs of shoes and statement necklaces, but they aren’t anything to write home about. I know from reading wedding blogs that the accessories are a huge part of the complete package, and I was decently unprepared. After I picked out my dress I knew that the daunting task of choosing accessories was coming up next. As I mentioned in a previous post, the first thing I figured out was that I wasn’t really a veil-wearing bride. So the first accessory I purchased was my beautiful flower for my hair. I spent hours [days?] looking at and every single hair ornament I could lay eyes on. Thankfully I settled on this one days later and I am in love with this flower.
wedding accessories
It is important to note that there is also a small flower on the sash of my wedding dress, so we’re really flowered out now. I figured that if I placed the flower on the opposite side of my body than the flower on the dress we would be good to go, and no one would be distracted by my matrimonial garden.
Jewelry wise, initially I wanted to have a big chunky statement necklace to fill up the space that my strapless dress was leaving void. After careful consideration I realized that a chunky necklace really wouldn’t look right between two flowers. I continued to drive myself crazy for about a month before I decided that I was going to *gasp* forgo the necklace all together. With the necklace finally stricken from the list I gratefully moved on to earrings. I searched many options from dangley, to chandelier, to posts when I happened on these beauties.
wedding accessories
So, it’s probably relevant to tell ya'll that my wedding colors are grey and yellow. These earrings made me squeal, yes squeal, with delight the moment I saw them! They are fun and they go along with my color scheme! They are the size of a medium post earring so not too big but just the right size to get noticed. I love them.When it came to shoes I knew I wanted something slightly unconventional and in short, awesome. I decided on grey for no reason other than there are more grey options in shoes than yellow for some reason. After scouring every shoe website I finally found the ones I love.
wedding accessories
These shoes are super high but super sexy and I'm ready for the challenge. I am incredibly short and these shoes will be completely hidden under my wedding dress, so it's basically like my little secret/lie [because I will be tricking people into thinking I'm tall].
The flower was $35, the earrings were $30, and the shoes were $50, making me feel pretty proud of my shopping skills. Normally I don't like to spend more than $20 on anything, but I noticed that in the wedding world this becomes a hard line to live by. I happily finished off my wedding day attire at only a little over $100. Great success!
How are ya'll doing with the accessories scavenger hunt? Are you leaving any big ones [like a necklace] out?

wedding accessories

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    I LOVE the little bee earrings!!! TOO Cute!

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