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I'm in love with a $2,000 dress. What's a girl to do? πŸ™ I tried on this Augusta Jones when I went to a local bridal shop this weekend… oh how I love you Tia. I found some companies online who sell dress replicas for $250?? Is that legit? Does anyone know!? Has anyone out there used a dress replica company? I'd be really interested to hear about your experience. Because if I can get the same dress for 1/10 of the price, you better believe I'll be all over that.

tia1 tia2

Here she is: click here to visit the slideshow on my flickr page. Effing wordpress won't led me embed the slideshow, nor can I figure out how the hell I can blog the images that I've uploaded to flickr. Photobucket- why must you have forsaken me?!
ARGH, these technical difficulties are too much for me to deal with today. Someone… anyone… help! πŸ™

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  • The dresses are gorgeous! I especially love the ruching and neckline of the first dress…incredibly flattering.

  • This is absolutely gorgeous! And although I haven’t done it myself, I would highly encourage you to order to copy. I remember the authors of “Bridal Bargains” talking about this… Have you read this book? Because if you haven’t, you must. I know they were saying that yes, it was legit and not to good to be true, because you cut all the middle men in the process.

  • Shantuck

    Have you considered calling around to find the dress elsewhere? I fell in love with a dress at a store near my house and was able to get it from Storybook Bridal (in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho of all places!) for almost $1k less. I checked the designers website first to make sure they were an authorized distributor and it turned out great. The owner tries to beat or match the lowest price you have found so call around first (i.e., Pearl’s Place, netbride, etc.) and then try Storybook.

  • Christie

    Love the dresses. Are they both by Augusta Jones? The second one looks like a Mikaella gown I have been drooling over. Definitely check out their website. Their dresses are divine!

  • I really love the Tia! You look fabulous in it.

  • Lurve the first dress! So flattering and all together YOU! πŸ™‚

  • I was thinking about having a Maggie Sottero dress replicated by Julius Bridal (read about it in the Bridal Bargains book). I read lots of reviews of people who had great experiences, although many had to send their dresses back to be remade one or several times before they came out right. I got in touch with them and they were kind of a mess, communication not so good, and refused to send me a sample of the fabric– I was wanting it in a very light blush and they pretty much said “trust us, you’ll love the color.” But when I asked if I could return it if I didn’t, the answer was no. I decided not to go this route. But there are lots of other companies, I think it’s worth checking into, and then go with your gut!!

  • I’ve also found several sellers on eBay that do replica dresses. Many of them receive glowing reviews and custom tailor the dress to your measurements. I know one seller even offers a return policy if you’re not completely happy. You might want to check out eBay and look at seller feedback to find some good options.

  • I love the first dress, very flattering!

  • Jessica

    I LOVE the first dress!! Alfred Angelo has a style that is almost the exact same. Style # 1148 and according to the price legend, it should be under $599. Hope that helps!!

  • Not sure which one is the Tia but I love the one with the lace? Is that the opposite of what everyone else is saying… Go figure.
    You look lovely in both though!

  • I tried on that Augusta Jones, too! I loved it! I think all of her dresses look so flattering on. I actually ended up with a different designer, but I will always love Augusta Jones!

  • Oohh, that first one is very flattering but the lace one is gorgeous! Either one would be beautiful πŸ™‚

  • budgetsavvybride

    Thanks to all of you for all the compliments!!! You guys are so sweet.

    @Marie-Eve: I haven’t read that one, I’ll have to look it up!

    @Christie: Yes, you’re right! I forgot to add that about the 2nd dress. It is by Makaella and I really liked it too!

    @Sweetfrenchtoast: That’s good advice- I will definitely look into the replica thing more and also check eBay!

    @Jessica: Thanks for the info on the AA dress that’s similar! That’s much more in my price range- I might have to search it out and try it!

    @Redframe: haha! Yes, the Tia was the silk one and the Mikaella is the one with the lace. I really liked them both but felt like the Tia did wonders for my waist so I liked it better.

    @Annie: Augusta Jones is a genius! If I could afford it I might just go for it, but unfortunately I would probably regret it big time later. $2K is ALOT for a dress you only wear once!!

  • Ally

    A bride whose wedding I photographed a couple years ago got a dress similar to your first set of photos on photobucket. It was from Alfred Angelo – something like this dress:

    I agree with others, calling around to see if another shoppe has it for a little bit less if you’re dedicated to that particular dress, or taking that photograph to other shoppes to see if they have something similar in your price range.

    Good luck!!

  • Ally

    Oh, also regarding blogging using the photos on your flickr account, if you go to the photo you want in your flickr photostream, you can drag the photo up to the address bar (where you type http://www...) and it will give you the exact address for the photo itself. This can be used in your regular html tags for photos. Let me know if this works for you!

  • If you’re interested, I am having my dress made by a seamstress/designer I found through My dress is a fushion of two designer dresses that I adore (one from J Crew, and the other from Carolina Herrera). She is amazing to work with, and offers solutions within your budget. Her etsy name is DanielleMarieDesigns. Hope it helps!

  • Jessica

    I tried on the Alfred Angelo dress last weekend, and fell in love with it. The dress cost $499 in a store in Connecticut, and it was the most flattering fit I tried on. Good Luck!

  • Janelk

    Even if you buy an American-made dress, you will still be supporting China. It is because China is the biggest creditor of the US.

    Every time you make a dollar, a chunk of it goes back to China….

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