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Dressing Your Bridesmaids

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yellow bridesmaids

Since we found my dress so quickly, I had a slight case of dress envy watching everyone try on wedding dresses.  (Word of advice: If you find and purchase your wedding dress, STOP watching all wedding dress tv shows.  So many people I know start having doubts on what they bought).  I was so ready to go dress shopping again, so I made an appointment to start searching for the bridal party dresses.

yellow bridesmaids

Source: Grey Likes Weddings via Pinterest

Dressing your bridesmaids can be tough because of having to accommodate everyone’s size, shape or personal taste- and because these girls are likely your best friends you want them to be happy with your choice. Originally I wanted them to wear yellow dresses, but I know yellow can be a hard color for some people to wear, so I chose navy with yellow flowers/accessories.  I am really happy with that decision.  I was also going to be as easy as possible in letting everyone pick out their own dress.  The only requirements were they needed to be the same designer, same fabric, and same color.  The type of style and cut was up to the person.

After a little internet search, we headed to the bridal shop to try on different styles, cuts, etc.  We all agreed Alfred Sung’s Duiponi Midnight Blue dresses were the dresses they would wear.  Of the dresses I saw, AS had the biggest selection of cuts and the lower price point.

Ready to see what they have chosen?

Sister MOH is wearing the Alfred Sung D516.  It is very sleek and form fitting, but the back is the best part.  There is a large bow that clasps the straps together!  When she tried this dress on, it gave me that warm, fuzzy feeling I think you are supposed to have when you try on your wedding dress.

Source: Perfect Bridal

Best MOH is wearing the AS D564.  I personally think this dress is so flattering on her.  If you will go ahead and let me borrow that when you are done, that would be great!  Lets not leave out that is has pockets!

Source: Perfect Bridal

Best Bridesmaid is possibly wearing the AS Maternity M407.  I haven’t actually been able to see it in person, but it looks so comfortable.  I say possibly on this because she might not be in attendance since baby K is due right before the wedding.

Source: Perfect Bridal

Sister Bridesmaid is wearing AS D468.  I saw this dress in person but not on, so it was hard to decide if I liked it.  A friend sent a picture of her BM wearing the dress and it looks adorable!

Source: Victoria’s Bridal Couture (where we ordered 3 of 5 dresses)

Sister Bridesmaid is wearing AS JR500.  She is still too young to wear most of the cuts that are offered (she is only 12), so she will be wearing this adorable junior bridesmaid dress.

Source: Perfect Bridal

Before we even chose what dresses everyone would wear, we bought shoes.  Best MoH found them online and they were perfect in every way.  They were also on super clearance.  Here is a shot of the shoes:

Personal Photo

Sadly, no one wears my size, so I will not be able to steal anyone’s shoes (I would have loved to order my own for the wedding, but I am limited to flats).

As for what the flower girls are wearing, we are putting that decision on hold.  I never realized just how expensive FG dresses are, some as much as a BM dress.  In my search for dresses, I did run into a few dresses I fell in love with on Pinkmarie.  As long as this dress is still available when we are ready to order, here is what I would like all three flower girls to wear.

via Pinkmarie…$34.99

All bridesmaids dresses have been ordered and now we have to sit and wait.  I am so anxious to see everyone in their picks! Did you let your girls choose their own dresses? How did it work out for you?


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