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Yay our internet is back up and running, miraculously!! It just randomly started working again over the weekend. Our wireless network is secure so I don't think anyone could have been using it so I really have no idea what was going on last week… story of my life. Now I am able to finally show you my E-pic style thoughts!

E and I booked our e-session with the wonderful Chris Scott- we are shooting our engagement photos on Oct. 19, so that gives me 3 weeks to figure out what we're gonna wear! 🙂 I want to wear something dressy for some pics and maybe more causal for others…

I couldn't find a photo of the dress online and I don't have one of me in it, maybe I'll do that later… but it looks similar to these, it's a white eyelet wrap dress with cute little capped sleeves and it's by Sangria. I bought it over a year ago and I haven't had alot of opportunities to wear it. I know it's after labor day and it's fall but I feel like I might like to wear white in our e-pics… thoughts? Is this a no-no? I was thinking I could punch it up with some brightly colored shoes and accessories…


I'd also like to wear something with a good amount of color-J.Crew has a TON of amazing dresses on sale online right now. Each of these are under $100. Cute, no? Maybe the strapless ones with a little sweater… the others have cute details on their own…

I really love the idea of wearing dresses, even though I'm a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl for the most part. I do enjoy wearing dresses and I feel like I will feel better about myself if I'm showin' some leg… y'know what I'm sayin'?! Especially since by the time we take our e-pics I will have finished my first month of boot camp- I should have some sweet legs and arms to show off! 😉 All of my regular clothes just make me feel frumpy right now, and I DON'T like frumpiness.

I'm excited to pick out some stuff for E to wear as well… more on that at a later time… 🙂 How did you decide what to wear for your e-pics?

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  • brittany

    these dresses are adorable. I love the idea of wearing a white dress. Especially if you take them outside and the fall leaves are colorful, it will really make the white dress look gorgeous!

  • Meghan

    I think that a white dress would be so cute.

    Where is the red wrap dress in the picture from? It is adorable as well!

  • I did some engagement pic shopping myself this weekend! We’re doing ours the same day as you at Fall Creek Falls state park, so let’s all pray for good weather in middle TN! I’m going to wear jeans and a cute bright red button down for some, and a little black dress and heels for others. I love your choices– I’m all about color! My FI will probably be in a button down and khakis for all of them as he was not nearly as excited about the wardrobe change as I was.

  • AmyJean

    I love the dresses. I love the bright fun colors as well as the white ones… great thing is, you can probably pack whatever you wear for the pics for your honeymoon too 🙂

  • oh oh! the blue J. Crew one!

  • i like the white dress with the bright accessories. that will be fun in the pictures.

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