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I'm sure you've seen those cute personalized wire hangers on Etsy. While perusing the many options for wedding hangers, I found them made out of wood. Then I thought, “Surely to goodness I could make this myself.” Though I probably could have, I love a good step-by-step list…enter this post by Something Turquoise. This easy DIY wedding project took me five minutes…no kidding. And your wedding party (and hubs-to-be) will love this little gift.

Easy DIY Wedding Hangers

I'll walk you through my process. First, I gathered my materials. I don't live near an Ikea (boo!), so I bought the wooden hangers (I chose coat/shirt hangers instead of suit hangers) at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I believe they were 5 for 5 or 6 dollars. Then I picked up a spool of ribbon in my wedding color from Wal-Mart (50 cents!), then located a pair of scissors and a Sharpie (if you don't have a stockpile of Sharpies like myself, pick that up with your ribbon).

Easy DIY Wedding HangersBasically, I just free-handed the personalization onto the hanger. In the center, put the wedding title of the person (Bride, Groom, MOB, MOH, etc.), then add their name on the left side of the hanger. Then put your wedding date on the right. I added the ribbon to all of the ladies' hangers. These are quick and easy, and you can use them as a part of your wedding party's gifts or just as a little thank you.

What do you think of these DIY personalized hangers? How have you made yours unique?

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