My eBay Wedding Ring

Wait, My Ring is From WHERE?


Yes, I am going to say that again. eBay.

Now I am going to do you one better. Actually, 2 better. My engagement ring, my wedding band, and Brandon's wedding band, were all from eBay.

We found our wedding rings on eBay

Brandon told me (after I already said yes!) where my ring was from. Some girls, I know, would have been disappointed. Not this girl– I was impressed! I actually would have been upset if he spent a bunch of money on a ring. Of course, I wanted something nice, but simple. I wanted to be able to wear it to work, in the kitchen, even camping. I wanted a simple stone, with a more interesting band. We did not go looking at rings or anything together, yet somehow, he picked out the perfect ring.

wedding rings from ebay

Now, I do not know the seller or anything, but this is my ring, just days after I said “Yes!” We were vacationing in Mexico, so I took pictures of the ring all over the resort. This one was my favorite – in the folds of a beach towel! I loved the ring. I still do. And I do not care at all where it came from. But if Brandon had spent tons of money on it, I would have been upset; we live our lives on a fairly tight budget, and I would have felt guilty walking around with the equivalent of our grocery budget on a finger.

How we decided to shop on eBay for our wedding rings

Shortly after getting engaged, we went to a friend's wedding. Our friend shared how he found a tungsten wedding band for himself on eBay. Brandon liked the idea, since he is not a huge fan of a jewelry, and wanted a super simple band. He could not see spending a bunch of money on it. So our plan was to look in stores for my band, and order his.

Well, that lasted until we actually went to look in stores. Bands started at $300 – for something I wanted, you could go well over $1000 easily. So, Brandon convinced me to look online.

Our eBay Wedding Rings

This was similar to a ring he saw in a store that he liked for his band, for over $500.

from eBay seller real_tungsten.              Brandon's band.

This is an authentic tungsten band.  You will not BELIEVE what we paid for it.

Wait for it…

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This band was $17.18, Canadian. With shipping, it was barely over $20.

I want to say that again. $20!!! Honestly, if it ends up being poor quality and we have to replace it, we will spend another $20. But it came and we are super happy with it so far.

This is the ring I fell in love with:

from eBay seller devco12

The retail price tag is $899 for this ring. I paid $175 (approximately, including shipping), for a white gold ring with 26 mini diamonds. Again, I was SO happy when it came. It looks like great quality, especially for the price, and I cannot wait to see the way in sparkles in the Caribbean sunshine!

Tips for Buying Wedding Rings on Ebay

If you are thinking about ordering your wedding rings from eBay, here are some recommendations:

Ask yourself: do you really care about the ring??

First of all, ask couples you know who have been married for years if they wear their rings every day. Neither of our parents wear their rings everyday. My grandmother wears hers everyday, but she is actually on her third band; turns out, after over 65 years, rings go missing, get thin, lose diamonds, and generally just get replaced.

What kind of ring fits my lifestyle?

Look at your lifestyle and job. I would be nervous walking around with a huge rock on my hand and I tend to be clumsy and forgetful. Since I often spend time in sweats marking papers, building campfires, shoveling snow, cleaning out backstage props, cooking with a large group of teenagers, going to movie theatres, playing with my dog, crafting and painting… and I want to be able to wear my ring(s) through all of that, and be totally comfortable doing so.

What are our financial priorities?

Weigh your priorities, and look at the jewelry you already wear. I wear a lot of jewelry; costume jewelry and handmade items mostly. I have a set of pearls I love, also bought on extreme sale. A giant ring would look out of place with my other jewelry. And quite frankly, jewelry like that is simply not a priority for me. Brandon and I agreed that one day I would maybe get a family ring, or an anniversary band, so I may not be wearing my rings then all the time anyway.

Set search parameters based on your preferences.

Limit your searches. Because of concerns with the way certain things are manufactured in certain countries, we limited our searches to rings from Canada and the United States. We also limited our ring search to never-worn, new items, with tags, from reputable companies with high levels of customer satisfaction. Finally, what sold me on my ring is that it guarantees the use of natural, non-conflict diamonds. I would love Canadian diamonds, but even on eBay that was way out of my budget.

Though I was cautious at first, I am SO happy with our decision to buy our rings the way we did. I love all three of them.

Would you consider buying your ring(s) on eBay?

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